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I’m a twenty something year old with a passion for beauty, crafting, food & I love nothing more then trying new products. I have always wanted to have a lifestyle blog – as a little spot to write down my thoughts & opinions on many different topics & so was born ‘Retrospect of a Mermaid.’

I’m a lover of all things girly & pretty, while at the same time love nothing more then to watch a game of rugby or hang out with the lads. I’m that girl with very few girl friends & I’m not ashamed about that, it’s great being just one of the lads. I am a self confessed bath lover and I’m Pinterest obsessed.  I’m a shy & anxious person, a real worrier, this can be a real struggle so I’m hoping having my blog will help me become more social and interactive.

All posts are my own work (written & photos) unless stated & all opinions are my own, again this is my own personal blog, as a space to share my thought & interests with others. All products I’ve purchased myself, again unless stated. A (*) will appear in the title & throughout the post & it will be explained within the post to ensure there is 100% transparency.

Thanks for taking the time to drop by!

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