Food: ‘Cheat Day’ Tray

A little while back I decided I would try the ‘Paleo’ diet, during this I eat clean for 7 days and then I would take a ‘Cheat Day.’ On this day I was allowed anything I wanted. I came across this recipe on Instagram and wanted to try it out, I couldn’t find a name for it so I decided it would become my – cheat day tray!

You will need:

16-20 crushed Oreo’s

50g melted Butter

Tin Condensed Milk

340g Chocolate (Melted)

Any chocolate to decorate (Milky Way, Malteaser, M&M’s, Rolo, Buttons, Smarties etc.)


  • Combine the rushed Oreos with the melted butter. Melt down the chocolate and add the condensed milk. Add the Oreo mix into the chocolate mix forming the base.
  • Place in a greased tray.
  • Add the chocolate to decorate as you desire.
  • Place in the oven @180 degrees Celsius for 15-20 minutes.
  • Leave to cool, cut up into slices.
  • Enjoy!

You can change up the chocolate and find the combination you enjoy most!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

Mermaid Kisses

RoaM -X-

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