Bath Time With Me

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a bath lover, if possible I would live in the bath. I often tell my friends and family ‘I should have been a mermaid.’ It’s the reason why Ariel has always been my favourite Disney princess (plus that amazing red hair, I have major hair envy of a fictional cartoon character).

So having major bath loving obsessions I thought I’d put together an essentials list for bath time, including all the bits I feel are needed to make every bath an amazing experience.

  • Candles:the sound of a flickering candle makes me instantly calm, as well as the beautiful glow that is created. It’s important you choose a scent that appeals to you. I’m a lover of Yankee candles and one of my all time favourite scents is ‘Vanilla Lime’ a beautiful sweet yet zesty scent. For me is sets the perfect atmosphere. Or ‘Summer Scoop’ gives the perfect sweet fruit aroma.


  • Drinks: Whether it be a huge cup of tea, a large cold glass of water/juice, a can of your favourite fizzy drink or a glass of your favourite wine/beer or a G&T. Remember it’s important to stay hydrated.


  • Jug: May seem strange, but I wouldn’t be without one. Perfect for washing and rising yourself off.


  • Sieve: I use a sieve often when it comes to bath times. Crumble your favourite bubble bar (mine is Lush’s ‘The Comforter’) and place under running water, makes the perfect BUBBLE bath. I also use a sieve if I’m using a bath bomb that has anything throughout it and don’t want it all over my bath (‘Big Blue’ by Lush has little seaweed pieces).


  • Loofah: Perfect for smothering in your favourite body wash (‘Snow Fairy’ ‘Prince Charming’ or ‘The Comforter’ by Lush are all perfect for a sweet smelling girly bath).


  • Pamper Products: I love a bath bomb, or maybe some bubble bath. But I also love a personal pamper, maybe a hair mask, then its a cleansing/exfoliating face mask, onto hydrating, then nose stripes & eye patches! Sometimes I even like to try a foot mask.


  • Finishing any bath I love using a fresh facecloth to rinse my face and a fresh soft towel to dry off. Then putting on clean comfy pj’s and slippers makes the whole bath time perfect from beginning to end.


Love bath time? Tell me your essentials & routine?

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

Mermaid Kisses

RoaM -X-

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