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Colour Therapy

Colouring, where do I begin – a love grown in me from childhood. I used to, (and still do) love nothing more then sitting down with a nice drink, your pack of colours (crayons,markers or pencils) and your favourite colouring book. As a child I had many colouring books: Disney and patterns were my favourites and to be honest this hasn’t changed.

I have always found colouring to be relaxing, sitting and giving me something to focus on. Over the years it was easy to loss the habit of colouring, as life gets in the way. I find when I’m overly anxious one of the best things for me to do is sit down with my colouring book and take half hour to an hour where I just focus on calming myself and enjoying the relaxation.

I know many people who love colouring and over the last few months it has become a popular pastime among adults, with many companies releasing ‘adult colouring books’ covering many topics such as TV shows and more advanced patterns and designs. Many shops carry colouring books, from book shops to cheaper stores such as Dealz. They can range from €1-€20, depending on your budget. Online, such as Amazon and Ebay,  have some fantastic deals, so its definitely worth taking a look if you have an interest.

I’ve a number of different colouring books, but also a range of different stationary to colour with. Depending on my mood, I might reach for pencils one day and then markers the next. I mostly use Staedler or Crayola, I find them to be the best quality.

Another way to colour is by downloading an app for your table, I use the ‘colorfy’ app from iTunes and love it. There are a range of pictures to colour and a large number of colours to choose from. You simply select the picture and touch the screen where you want to apply the colour. I love this app so much and find it a brilliant way to calm myself down even if I don’t have my colouring book to hand.

Please comment and let me know about your love of colouring, maybe recommendations on what colouring book is worth getting and if you have anymore brands of colours that are worth trying, or if you’ve used a colouring app and your thoughts! I’d love to hear from you.


As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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(Top: My favourite colouring book and colours. Below: An example of one of the pictures I’ve done on the ‘colorfy’ app.)


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