Anxiety – Copying & Understanding It, My Take On It

Anxiety – is often defined as ‘a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.’

There is no reason needed to be anxious. You are no less of a person for suffering with anxiety. Types can include – chronic anxiety, irrational worry (often occurring day-to-day) and social anxiety. And symptoms can  include – physical (headache, insomnia, muscle pain and panic attacks) and internal (feeling heavy, can almost feel physical – Can in turn be difficult to explain).

It can lead people to question things, often irrationally, and more than often it’s in connection with friendships and relationships with loved ones. Many people who are anxious find it helpful to make exact plans, it like a security. It can help stop feelings of uncertainty and open endedness as plans are made. Mediation and relaxation don’t work for everyone, but it’s worth giving it a go.  People with anxiety can often suffer with depression, another issue that is often unspoken of.

Some people can seem pretty happy on the outside, yet we never know what’s goings on inside their heads. For some it’s publicly panicking, while others it’s privately. Everyone’s struggles are totally unique. I find it’s important to talk and it’s always important to look forward to how things can start to look up and get better. Focusing on being kind to yourself, remembering it starts with you when making changes and making things better. It’s also very important to stick with working on your anxiety and finding ways to help yourself, as it’s very easy to give up and feel the battle is too overwhelming to win.

It about finding a balance, some days you can give so much of yourself and your energy while other days it can be about having a quiet day, looking after yourself and getting personal stuff done. Sometimes when feeling overly anxious it can be best to distract yourself, focus on something/someone else. If it doesn’t help sometimes it’s helpful to find the person that helps you most and have a chat and try explaining things with them. It’s important to never feel alone. We need to share our thoughts and feelings, not just to help ourselves but to help others too.

Things to remember & ways to cope:

  • Remember – It Will Pass!
  • Stay in the moment – sometimes it’s just taking each day as it comes.
  • Stop beating yourself up, it’s okay not to be okay! You have to go back to basics and changing things, sometimes even banning negative speech such as ‘should have’/ ‘could have’ etc.
  • Take time for yourself – it’s essential to take time for caring for you, whether it is a long bath or walk. Take the time.
  • Find your comfort(s) – mine include my scarf (rarely without one), having my little rabbit (Blossom) with me while I’m out, chewing on chewing gum (a tip I got from a loved one <3), focusing on a colour (finding a calming colour to focus on that makes you happy).
  • Meditation – can work for lots of people, taking a set amount of time to meditate and reflect on the good and positive in life. It’s about getting things into perspective. Sometimes it helpful to write down a number of things you are thankful for each day, reminding yourself how blessed you are, it reminds you that it’s just a temporary feeling. Sometimes focus just on your breathing – slow and steady.
  • Sleep – switching off and winding down before bed is essential. Getting 7-8 hours sleep a night can help a lot.
  • Plenty of water and drink as healthy as you can. Eating and drinking right helps a lot and gives you lots of energy. Regular exercise can help too. It’s okay to have some treats of course, it’s about balance!img_1896-1















I understand it can be a sensitive subject and these are just things I find that work for me, but feel free to leave your own opinions and comment below.


As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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