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My Shower Time Essentials

It’s a bit much to bath every day, well in relation to water usage and the time it can take, (with me being a bath lover I can spend 1-2 hours in the bath). So I thought I’d put together a few essentials for the prefect shower.

  • Shampoo: a good quality shampoo can at times be difficult to come by. I’ve recently began using Lush shampoo and doubt I’ll ever go back. I either use one of their shampoo bars (Honey I Washed My Hair or Seanik are amazing) or the liquid shampoo (I just love Daddy-o, from the colour to the scent), plus a little goes a long way.
  • Conditioner: having long, frizzy, dyed hair its essential I use a good quality conditioner.  Again I’ve recently tried Lush conditioner (American Cream) and I‘m loving it. I find it very conditioning and smells divine.
  • Shower Gel: I could buy shower gel always, every shower I like to mix up the scent depending on my mood. My favourites include – The comforter, Princess Charming and Snow Fairy (all Lush products, I’ll have a post-up soon talking about my favourite shower gels, describing each in detail). Having a loofah is brilliant for creating lots of lathering suds to wash with.
  • Scrub: either a body or face scrub is a definite essential for me. Lush ‘Rub Rub Rub’ is probably my favourite to date in terms of smell and quality, it leave me feeling so smooth and clears my skin up brilliantly. [A cleaning pad (Penney’s stock them for no more than €2/€2.50) is brilliant for using alongside the scrub. And a skin brush (the round one from Penneys is great!) is brilliant for using to exfoliate your entire body, removing old,dead and hard skin].
  • Comb: I wouldn’t be without one, I find it’s the only way to stop my hair from being frizzy and knotty. Plus if I comb it through with the conditioner in, it makes it so smooth img_0042and prevents split ends.

















So there’s a few of my shower essentials, I’d love to hear if you have any, so feel free to comment below.


As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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