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My Journal & Organiser 

I live from notes and plans, if I want something done I need to first make a list, gather a plan of whats involved and then I’m set and can get started. I think I need to have something physically there to tick off once I’ve achieved it, plus having a plan and list to follow makes me less anxious, which is always a bonus!




My organiser is like my best friend, I don’t think I’d function without it. Recently I’ve purchased my much loved Filofax, its something out of my stationary dreams. It allows me to plan out the week and future months, having plenty of space to add in everything. If you like diaries, I’d definitely advice you investing in a Filofax, they are so handy, coming in a range of colours, designs, fabrics and sizes.  Mine is a plastic, teal, poka dot Filofax, its A5 and has the years calendar inside, the week being spaced over two pages with a spare box for notes for the week. It came with contact, note and ‘to do’ sheets also. Plus has a handy elastic to hold a pen. I couldn’t rate this anymore, I love it. Plus I got it at a steal, just €12 off Paperchase.
img_0065I’ve always had a notebook/journal in life. Somewhere to write my thoughts and feeling but more often to write up my future dreams and plans, purchases I plan to make etc. I have my journal and it might look like a mess to others, but its my organised chaos, I know exactly where everything is and have plenty of space to add to. Its very personal to me having quotes that I live by, promises and goals I’ve set for myself. I think its a brilliant thing to have for yourself and something worth beginning if you haven’t already, make it you having it the way you like and then weekly try write into it, whatever it may be. Plus I look at it as something to look back on when I’m older.

I’d love to hear to hear about your own journals and organisers so feel free to comment!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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