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Food: My Pasta Bake

One of my favourite dinners if I want something comforting and tasty has to be my pasta bake.

What you’ll need:

  • pasta (farfelle, fusilli, penne)
  • tin of tomatoes
  • tomato puree (25g)
  • cream (250g)
  • onion (diced)
  • garlic (puree)
  • vegetables (your own choice –, broccoli, carrot, courgette, mushrooms, peppers )
  • cheese – cheddar and any cheese you like (brie, mozzarella)
  • seasoning (Salt/ pepper)
  • herbs (basil/mixed)
  • bacon/pancetta lardons or meat of choice


  • Boil the pasta.
  • Cut the vegetables you’re using into small pieces, bite size is best.
  • Fine dice the garlic and onion
  • Fry off the meat
  • Lightly sweat off the vegetables starting with the garlic and onion
  • Heat the tin of tomatoes with the tomato puree, seasoning and img_0127-1herbs add the cream and simmer
  • Combine the tomato cause, vegetables and pasta, mix well
  • Place in a tray, top with grated cheddar and other chesses of choice and a sprinkle of herbs
  • As all ingredients are already cooked, you just need to put it in at 180 degrees Celsius for 15-20 mins for the cheese to melt
  • Take out and serve

If you have tried the recipe or have one of your own, I’d love to hear from you, so please comment!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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