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Brush Care & Hygiene

When it comes to makeup brushes, washing your brushes prevents breakouts and bacteria build up, so it essential to keep up a regular  routine of cleaning. It will also ensure longer usage of your beloved babies, sorry I mean brushes.

Personally I think once a week is ideal to be washing your brushes, although I do admit if I’ve not worn a lot of makeup within the week sometimes I do allow it to go bi-weekly. Sometimes it’s easiest to just pick a day and stick to that weekly, its easy keeping a routine then. Getting a good quality brush spray to use daily in between your deep clean is also a good idea. The one from Penneys is cheap and cheerful at just €2.50 and does the job for me.

Things I remember when caring for my brushes:

  • Always put them in a carry case when traveling, a brush roll is often handy. I love my ‘Vintage Cosmetic Company’ brush roll, it holds 12 brushes as well as having a zip pockets to hold extras.
  • Never throw brushes loose into your bag, it damages the hairs, bends and can even break the brush, so that brush roll or case comes in handy.
  • Never soak in water, the glue can melt leading to the hair coming out and ruining your brush.
  • If I feel the brush is beyond saving (destroyed with foundation) I just throw it away, saving me the heartache and endless hours of clearing. I start fresh and buy a new one, remembering to look after this one better. I put foundation brush because its always the brush I’m replacing.

Steps I follow when cleaning brushes:

  1. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water (remembering not too hot, could melt the glue) add a small amount of mild baby shampoo/ brush shampoo or gel into it too. I used to use Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo, but now I use the Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel  *Less is more, you can always add more if required!
  2. Swirl the brush around the bowl (immediately you’ll see the makeup come off)
  3. Then using my Brush egg I rub the brush, removing any stains
    *It’s important the ferrule (metal part) doesn’t get wet, as this is where all the hairs are glued in place!
  4. Rinse the brush down under a running tap, you’ll see the water run clear once fully clean
  5. Reshape the brush
  6. Place a towel down and angel the brushes, ensuring no water can get into the ferrule.
  7. Leave to air dry!

I always try to do my brushes mid-afternoon/evening as it allows the night to dry and be ready for the next day.

These are just some of my tips and tricks in terms of brush care and cleaning that I find works for me. I’ve looked at so many blog posts and YouTube tutorials and altered many to find something that suits me and my brushes.

I’d love to hear from you in relation to your makeup brushes care and cleaning, do you have any tips or tricks? I’d love to know, so leave me a comment.

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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