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Lush: Shower Gels

Lush has such a large range of products that I struggled to decide what to chat about. So I’m going to make a little series covering the products I love. I decided to start off discussing my favourite ‘Shower Gels & Creams’.

So shower creams & gels are available in a range of sizes – 100g, 250g, 500g & 1kg. I recommend buying the smallest bottles (100g) while trying out a new product, meaning it’s not wasted if you don’t like it (But let’s be honest it’s unlikely, its Lush after all!) or even asking for a sample when placing an order.

The Comforter: A moisturising shower cream.  A blend of cassis, bergamot and cypress essential oils, making it a strong blackcurrant aroma.  This aroma links too many fond childhood memories, ones being – eating away on ‘fun size’ bag of Swizzels ‘Fun Gums, Teeth ‘n’ Toothbrush. I can’t find anything about this shower cream to dislike, its stunning pink colour catches the eye, while the strong berry aroma leaves you feeling fruity and the texture & consistency mean a little goes a long way leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. A definite 5/5!

Snow Fairy: A beautiful limited edition shower gel, available during the Christmas season. A stunning pink, glittery gel. Tasty sweet vanilla & bubblegum aroma, bringing about a taste of candy.  This aroma has become a real favourite of mine, it makes me feel so girly. With it being only seasonally available, it’s essential to stock up for the whole year. Again 5/5!

Prince Charming: Again another limited edition shower gel/cream, available during the Valentines Season. I purchased the shower cream this valentine & loved it. A stunning deep pink colour, a silky smooth texture & consistency due to the cocoa butter and a beautiful aroma from the fruity pomegranate juice & grapefruit oil, while sweetness from the vanilla & marshmallow root. Just like the Snow Fairy it’s seasonally available so essential to stock up when available. I can’t fault it, 5/5!img_0176

Sometimes when I can’t decide what to use I make a cocktail & combination of these products, I love how much they complement each other!

A shower gel I didn’t enjoy – Rose Jam: I just
can’t get past the strong, extremely pungent floral aroma. In my opinion it almost smells fake, a very sickly aroma that leaves little to no scent on my skin. Thankfully I only have a small bottle (100g) & have been using it up in shower & bath cocktails.img_0177


A feature I love about Lush products is the cute little note they leave
beneath the ‘Made By’ sticker – just simply pull up as the arrow directs you and see the cute little message below! 🙂img_0179

Well these are just a few of my favourite shower creams & gels, I’d love to hear yours or if you have any combinations worth trying, so feel free to comment I love hearing from you!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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