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Candles: My ‘Yankee Candle’ Wish List

I’ve wanted to do a brief post on my Yankee Candle wants. I love candles, especially Yankee Candles, I find them superior in quality, especially in terms of scent and longevity.

Its not easy to condense the list, I’d love endless amounts of  candles, in endless amounts of scents. But I’ve been able to create a most wanted list. These are some of the scents I’d love:Processed with MOLDIV

  • Bakery Air – Having gone to college for cooking, I think it would remind me of pastry classes!
  • Cherry Blossom – I love Cheery Blossom so having it in a jar who be superb!
  • Cherry Lemonade – I love cherry and lemonade so hopefully minded it will smell just as good!
  • Cookie & Cream – I just imagine Hershey’s ‘Cookie n Cream.’
  • Cotton Candy – Who doesn’t love some Candy Floss, plus it reminds me of being a kid at the fun fair!
  • Key Lime Pie – Hands down my favourite dessert, so having it in a jar would be unreal. I’m afraid I might want to eat it!
  • Maple Pancakes – I want to smell it and crave pancakes, plus maple smells delicious!
  • Market Blossom – I love going through the market and coming across a flower stall, I always end up choosing Gerberas.
  • Vanilla Bourbon – I can imagine this being the perfect vanilla, perfectly sweet!
  • Whiskers On Kittens – I don’t know what to expect but purple is my favorite colour and that kitten is just like my cat!

I’d love if anyone has tried any of these scents to comment and let me know your opinions, or even let me know your Yankee wish list.

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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