Personal: Family Life & Fostering

Today its a personal one, taking about my family and how the wonderful act of fostering has had an impact on my life.

I come from a family full of love, I’m often told by friends that they are almost jealous of the bond I share with my three brothers, or love to see the relationship I have with my mum or just how close I am to my dad (I’m not gonna live, I’m a true Daddies Girl!) This often seemed strange to me, as I always thought we shared a pretty normal family/sibling relationship, but looking back on my life I realise that I have an exceptionally close relationship with my three brothers, as well as my parents.

I always say – I firmly believe that if I have nothing else in life, I know I have the love and endless support of my three brother! And I love that I can say this.

I feel we have this close bond because our family decided some 10 years ago to foster. At the time it seemed like a no brainer to my family, my mum and dad were naturally loving people and caring for children didn’t seem to much when they already had four of their own, plus with both of my parents at home it meant time can be spent with all the children and caring for the home. So the journey began and the realisation quickly settled in – it changes a family and the dynamics within the home. Time spent together just the six of us was precious, we understood each other on a whole other level and this only became apparent once we had new members in the family. Each year that past brought a different task, several children moved on while new ones moved in. At times it was difficult as you become attached, but difficulties and trouble mean its time.

Fast forward those 10 years and you come to today, as I sit here and write this.. I still admire my parents for all their love and hard work that they have invested in each child that has come into our home, I admire them for the endless hours and effort they have put in. But as I look back on the time its been so difficult for them and the whole family that at times it can leave a sour taste behind, its hard work and can drain not just a person but a whole family – I mean this in the nicest way possible, I know I sound very negative.

But the main thing I take away from this entire experience is how much I cherish my family, yes we are imperfect and at times drive each other mad, but I’m grateful to have two loving parents and three brothers that I love to pieces and that in turn  I feel their love and support daily.

I wanted to write this post as fostering is part of my life, this is just my experience of the whole thing! I’d love to hear from others who have an experience with fostering, whether being fostered yourself or being a foster family. So please leave a comment and share your experience!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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