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Craft: Bead Sprites

Today I’ve decided to do a crafty post, its been a while.. To be honest I kinda struggled to know what to write about in terms of craft, but sitting here looking at some of my craft stuff it hit me – Bead sprites, also know as ‘perlers’.

They are used to create pixel art fusing beads by heating. Beads are placed on boards by hand in any pattern desired, the board has equally spaced pegs to hold the beads. Together placed in the pattern they create a large image. One complete, they are covered with a thin sheet, heated with an iron & slowly fused together forming a large piece of plastic art that is then removed from the pegboard.

As a child I would spend hours creating pieces of art, of course I advice that young children are supervised as there are small pieces & while using the hot iron.

I purchased my beard sprites & pegboards from my local Tiger, Art & Hobbies as well as Ikea. They start from as little as €3 for a small pack.

I can’t recommend this hobby more, they hours of excitement that can had. It allows the imagination of all involved to be explored, especially with the summer holidays fast approaching it a fun activity to past a few hours.

So this was just a brief post, of course as always I’d love to hear from you, maybe its a memory from your own childhood or something exciting you’ve created, just drop me a comment I love to hear from you!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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