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Personal: Fears & Phobias

It something that I don’t often chat about, but sometimes it helps to write about things so I thought in turn I’d write a little bit about my fears & phobias. Sometimes it helps to share your experience & in turn others can often help you or reassure you that its totally okay, even when irrational.

img_0298Where to start, its never hard – Clowns! I’m terrified of clowns! Ever since I was a child I’ve always hated them, this fear was made 100 worse when my brother decorated our childhood room with clowns – on the walls, bed sheets, puppets. You
name it, we had it & it was clown themed. Still to this day my heart races & I become overly anxious even just thinking about clowns.

Birds – (I would say anything with wings but I love butterflies.) I mean birds in terms of anything from pigeons & black birds to chicken, ducks & geese. img_0299Again this came as a childhood fear, when my best friends geese & chickens chased me, when I tripped they pecked the life out of my little 4 year old ankles, legs & head. This feels like a stupid fear as birds are always around, but its something I can’t help. Even walking down the street my heart races with the birds flying overhead. This overall has to be my most hated fear, as its not something I can really avoid.

The Dark – Another fear that started in my childhood, & yet again because of mimg_0300y brother terrorizing me! He used to lie under my bed, wait for me to turn off the light & then he would begin to make carry voices & scare the life out of me! To this day I struggle with
the dark, I hate the unknown & always worry that there might be something/someone there!

One things I’m really proud of myself for is overcoming my fear of heights, in no way am I saying I’m amazing with height now, but I can tolerate them & that’s enough for me.  Its very difficult but I feel its important to always push yourself in areas, I knew in myself that if I did things with heights at a steady rate & knowing if I wasn’t comfortable that I could always stop, I would overcome this fear. So gradually I started to try knew things that involved heights & now I can even manage to go on a Ferris Wheel!

So there was just a little chat about my fear, as you can see I tried to finish on the positive note that you can overcome a fear. I’d love to hear from you, so if you’d like to share your fears or even your overcoming of a fear please just leave a comment.

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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