Cruelty Free!

About 6 months ago I made the decision to clear out my makeup stash of all brands that ‘test on animals’, it was an easy decision to make as the cruelty that animals go through during this testing is just heart breaking. This meant getting rid of many of the top makeup brands from my collection e.g. L’oreal, Rimmel, MAC etc.img_0324

Brands must test their products on animals if they desire to
sell their products on the Chinese market, so in turn if the product can be sold in China it is tested on an animal so I won’t purchase or use the products.

I found it essential to do some research before I made this decision, I found some brilliant sites that give lists of brands & information such as parent companies etc. that don’t test on animals.  These sites include:

Some of my favourite brands include: Urban Decay, Smashbox, Lush Cosmetics, Wet n Wild, Essence Cosmetics & Flomar. Plus I have a list longer then my arms of brands & products  I want to try.

In terms of makeup brushes there are so many brands that don’t test on animals – Ecotool, Real Techniques, Spectrum & Artis. All beautiful & made with quality synthetic materials.

So this was just a brief little chat, I’d definitely encourage people to do their research & see if you could make the change too. Please comment below if you have any sites, blogs, even brands that you’d advice me to have a look at or use. Thanks!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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