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Brushes, Wet Brushes & Comb

I’ve wanted these brushes for ages, I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. So when I found them at my local pharmacy I had to have them.

I purchased the ‘Detangling Comb‘ for around €6. I purchased this for use in the shower. Since using it I found my hair in much better condition, with less split ends. The strong plastic wave teeth stop any snagging, clumping, so in turn little to no split ends. Its brilliant for all types of hair textures & types. Its ideal to for using with hair treatments & conditioners.

Then I purchased the ‘Wet‘ brush & ‘Shine‘ brush as a set for around €18. I purchased these for everyday use. ‘The Wet Brush’ has thin bristles (Intelliflex) that are yet strong & flexible. They can comb out tangles pain-free from every hair type. The tips of each bristle are very soft & used to stimulate follicle circulation. The bristles bounce back as they originally were, while removing the risk of breakage & pain that goes with brushing your hair. The brush can be used on both dry & wet hair, extensions as well as wigs. I also have this in the miniature size, its ideal for my handbag.

The ‘Shine’ Brush is a combination of Mongolian Boar & the Intelliflex bristles are ideal for proper distribution of oils throughout each strand of hair. This in turn leaves the hair smooth & shiny. Use the ‘Shine’ brush on dry hair, even with the use of dry shampoo (making distribution evenly). with heat on both extensions & wigs. img_0373

I’d highly recommend purchasing yourself some ‘Wet’ brushes if you ever get the opportunity. They are worth the money in terms of quality, I just hope they last me a long time.

If anyone has used any of these brushes please let me know your opinions, or even if you use another brand, I’d love to hear from you.

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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