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Personal: Quotes I Live By!

Today I said I’d write a little about the quotes that I live by, that inspire & encourage me. Words that are penned by people who carefully choose words to form sentences that get right to the point, that some up a point quickly instead of babbling on (bit like I am write now!) I have a folder on Pinterest full of quotes that I try to live by, take a look if you enjoy Pinterest.

img_0377Small Steps Everyday‘ I struggle with anxiety, I’ve written about in a previous post, I struggled for years with it & learning how to cope. When I’m having a bad day & being hard on myself, I look at this quote & remind myself that even if its only a small step, its still a step forward & that is positive & something to be                                                                                   proud of.


If You Never Try You’ll Never Know‘ This quotes was what made me start this blog. I was having a positive day, I was having a cuppa & pinning away on Pinterest when I saw this pin & thought to myself –  I’ll never know if I’ll b e any good at it if I never have a good at it. That night I started to plan out my blog.

Since seeing this quote I like to keep it in mind daily & if there is something new I want to try I like to remind myself of it & in turn give the something new a go.



Not One Drop Of My Self – Worth Depends On Your Acceptance Of Me‘ Its taken me almost 24 years to understand & accept this truth. I struggled so much with wanting others to accept me I would put myself out to make others happy. Years on & a very long list of old friends I have learnt that I don’t need others acceptance to know that I am a worth while, good heart(ed), kind person. Self love &                                                                                           acceptance is very important!


Invest In People Who Invest In You‘ Again another one that has taken almost a lifetime for me to learn. Life is about taking & giving, not taking & taking or giving & giving. Life is about balance! The people around you need to be positive as well as willing to invest in you, just as much as you invest in them. Investing takes time & energy but when you find the right people, ‘your people’ its worth every bit of investment.




If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Don’t Say Nothing At All My mum would always say this to us as children, I know its a quote from Bambi, but never a truer word has been spoken/written. This will be on of the first things I’ll teach my children.

If its not nice don’t say it – Simple as!


Its something I’m still working on daily, but worth all the effort.

Thanks for reading, know its been a bit of a long one. If you have any quotes that you live by, I’d love to hear from you.

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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