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I joined Forever Living Products just over three years, I’ll be honest though I haven’t taken it very seriously & with busy life I kinda forgot about it. But never a day goes by where I don’t use one of the products from this brand.  I’m gonna chat about some of my favourite products, ones I couldn’t be without.

Aimg_0394loe Lips – A pocket size lip balm, a soothing/nourishing/mositurising balm. Made from aloe (of course) Beeswax & jojoba. Its ideal for people who suffer with dry, rough lips & suitable for protecting your lips all year round.




They also carry Sun Lips – The same benefits of Aloe lips with the added SPF 30 sun protection. Its ideal for summer sun holidays, as well as winter ski holidays. Its cool mint flavour is refreshing, as well as water resistant.


Heat Lotion – This is my must have product, I have two on the go at all times (one at home, the other in my handbag!) The strong & rich warming lotion gives brilliant relief to the stresses & strains that life puts upon your body: Back ache, muscle pain & even head ache (a tiny amount applied to the temple does the trick for me!) When i suffer with my back I apply it on my lower back & across the shoulder & the relief is massive. It has a pleasant yet strong aroma                                           similar to deep heat.

Hand & img_0397Face Soap – A liquid soap that is both creamy & moisturising, yet mild non-irritating) ideal for the whole family to use. A small amount creates a lather to cleanse the face, hands and body. I even find it brilliant for shaving.



Forever Bright Toothgimg_0398el – This toothpaste suits the entire family, even your pets! It has a non-flouride formula made with aloe & bee propolis, along with other high quality ingredients. The mint flavour leaves you feeling fresh & minty, with clean sparkly teeth. Its also vegetarian friendly, containing no animal by-products. Its also ideal for heart burn, taking a pea size piece & swallow, the relief should follow.

Aloe Gelly img_0399-1– Made from 100% stabilised aloe vera gel, its brilliant for use on sensitive tissue. This thick gel soothes and calms irritation. I have used it on many a burn & even on gum boils.




Aloe First – A multi functional spray, containing both aloe & bee propolis. It helps protect & sooth skin & hair against the likes of sun, chlorine & irritants. I can recommend it as an after sun moisturising spray also, its very cool & refreshing.

img_0401Propolis Cream – (A product I swear by, I’ve suffered with sore/itchy sick on my hands & this product made all the difference.) Made from a blend of aloe, chamomile & bee propolis it helps achieve a smooth texture & beautiful skin tone. Having both conditioning & moisturising properties it ideal as a daily moisturiser as well as using to aid with skin irritation. *This product contains Lanolin.

So these are my favourite products from the Forever Living  range. I was thinking of doing a post on the benefits of Aloe Vera to the body & the benefits of taking the aloe gel drinks. I’d love to hear if any would be interested, Also if ye have used any of the products mentioned or others within their wide range.

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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