Lush: Sun Care

Just recently I’ve come home from a family holiday from Fuerteventura. Just before I left for holidays I purchased a few Items from Lush, I’ve wanted to use them for a while so with going I holiday I thought I’d jump at the chance to try them out. Plus it meant I could give an honest review.

Powdered Sunshine – Powdered sunscreen, SPF 15.

This product is ideal for people who hate the sticky feeling of lotion. It’s a light loose powder, that you apply over your skin, leaving a shimmering matte finish that keeps you safe in the sun. It has a lovely fruity, yet earthy aroma. I feel its better suited to darker/sallower skin tone, I say this more with it having an SPF of 15. I followed the instructions and reapplied every two hours or so & found it brilliant even in the 30 degree heat! I’d give it 5/5 & definitely be repurchasing !

The Sunblock – Solid Sunscreen Wash, SPF 30 High.

Lush advice when using – Each 1/3 of the block gives protection to the whole body, hop in the shower & apply over the skin, the cocoa butter & sesame oil make it a smooth application. In my opinion, (as well as as the opinions of many other people) I feel its best to use it like a massage bar, applying to the body & allowing it to sink into the skin, yes it can take a few minutes & leave a light oily residue for a few minutes. But I feel its the most affect by of use, especially cost wise, making the product last a good number of days.

*This product has ingredients that are prone to melting in heat.

Sunny Day – Hair Styling Spray.

I don’t know about you but the heat causes havoc with my hair, making it so frizzy. So when I read reviews about this product I had to try it. The ingredients include lemon juice & honey which counter the static charge of frizziness, so in turn your hair looks & feels smooth for longer. Comb through towel dried hair & leave it to dry naturally, it dried straighter then normal. A few hours later I sprayed it on a brush & brushed through my now dry hair & it looked lovely & smooth again. I love that it doesn’t feel to oily or heavy, also that its so good at de-tangling my hair. The only thing is I found it made my hair slightly greasey, so I’d give it 4/5. But with that I’d still repurchase & use it ever summer. It makes me want to try ‘Sea Spray’ even more now!

So this is just my opinion on these three Lush Sun Care products. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve used any of these products? Or if there is other Lush Sun Care products you’d suggest me try?

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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