College: Tips & Tricks That Worked For Me

College can seem so over whelming when you’re about to start, I can clearly remember the weeks & days leading up to it & how sick & anxious I feel. Its a huge step & change going from school into college, one that nobody but yourself can be prepare for.

I’ve completed college – 4 years, 8 semesters, around 70 modules, endless assignments, 100000 words or so, 1 ordinary degree as well as an honours degree. This is not to brag but show people that its possible to get through college & do well. I’ll admit I really struggled, especially through 2nd year, but I made it & have been happily graduated over a year already! And if i’m gonna be honest I slightly miss it!

Some tips I found helpful for getting through college, especially first year include:

  • Go to every lecture – its difficult but try to make it to as many lectures as possible. You miss so much by just missing one.
  • Be yourself & interact – talk in lectures, give your opinions, ask questions!
  • Once you get an assignment, start it – don’t put it on the long finger, start planning immediately.
  • Always save & back up files – save it, email it to yourself, use a USB, purchase a hard drive & create a folder of each module. Losing work is heart breaking.
  • When it comes to group work, choose wisely –  Don’t just stick with friends & ones you know. Take account of the persons lecture interaction, how well he does in exams etc. these are the people you want in group work, they contribute & you will do well.
  • Create a budget & stick to it – Its to easy to spend money in college, its an expensive time in life, don’t add to it with creating more debt.
  • Study – Not just before exams, start it  the very first week, create personal notes & when it comes to exams its so much easy to revise. Often its helpful to set up a study group among your friends & divide the work load, then swap around notes.
  • Purchase & use a planner/calendar – When you receive an important date or deadline put it in immediately, you won’t forget then. Refer regularly to it & get planning.
  • Friendship – In college you can find friends that last a lifetime, people who you share genuine interests with. Join clubs that interest you & take opportunities to meet new people.
  • Enjoy it! – Most importantly in my opinion, college flies by so yes its important to be serious & work hard, but make sure you make memories & enjoy it as much as possible. It over quickly.

So there are just 10 quick tips that I would give anyone who is starting college. I hope you enjoyed it. As always I’d love to hear from you if your planning on going to college, or if you’ve been & have any other tips!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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