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Food: Breakfast Believing!

So we know Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you’re told this from a young age but I can’t stress it enough just how true these words are. It sets you up for the day, gets you started & gives you energy to have a productive day.

Whether its a bowl of cereal, a smoothie or juice or a large cooked breakfast its important to get a healthy breakfast inside of you. I’ll admit there are the days everyone reaches for a nice bowl of coco pops but most days its important to have a large healthy breakfast.

So today I decided I was gonna share some of my favourite breakfast ideas.

Poached Eggs on a breakfast muffin with rasher & relish – eggs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but if you like eggs poached are such a healthy way of cooking them plus a very tasty way of enjoying them. With a healthy small breakfast muffin with a small amount of relish (Ballymaloe is my favourite!) or some caramelized onion is lovely too. Some grilled rasher or sausage is always a nice option too. I find if I have this for breakfast I’m stuffed for ages.

Granola, Vanilla Yogurt & fresh fruit – I love this combination. The crunchy granola with creamy yogurt plus the sweetness of the fruit is just perfect for a healthy breakfast. I sourced a nut free granola from my local health store, I them try get a fat free vanilla or strawberry yogurt to have with it. In terms of fruit I like banana, strawberry & raspberries, but apple & other berries are tasty too.

Pancakes with choice of Toppings – Okay not the healthiest but so tasty for a treat day breakfast. The options are endless with pancakes, you can have them plan with endless toppings ( I love strawberries on mine, or lemon & sugar!) or even have something added (blueberries or even chocolate chips!) Its all about having what you like, its a lovely option when having a family/friends breakfast as it allows everyone to have what they like.

With every breakfast its important to have plenty to drink. Colds drinks often include water, juice (vegetable juices are often better for you!) or smoothies, while with hot drinks the regular tea, coffee or herbal teas are nice.

So these are just some of my favourite breakfasts. I’d love to hear what your favourite breakfasts are? What makes you a ‘Breakfast Believer’?

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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