‘Liner Designer’ By Beauty Blender

I’ve had my eye on these makeup tools since I heard it was gonna be released. So I finally found it on a website that I’ve previously have used – BeautyBay  so there was no excuse then. I made the order & had it within the week.

I purchased mine for €16.40 but know it can be purchase online from BeautyBlender.com for $16. They have also released a ‘Liner Designer Pro‘ which looks stunning.

So what can it do? – The ‘liner.designer’, from beautyblender®’s is their genius eyeliner application tool, it is a triple-edged guide. It allows for easy achievement of your favorite img_0461-1eyeliner styles (Wings, even doubled, cat eye flicks, as well as darker thicker lines.) It works brilliantly with all liners, pencils, pens, gel creams, liquid and powder. Its triple edged guide is also ideal for mascara & lipstick.. It works as a mascara defender, which is handy to prevent any smudging. It’s also brilliant to use as a guide when doing your lipstick.

Whats included? – A handy ‘Look Book’ that acts as a guide to follow. A cute & tidy compact to hold the flexible, silicone triangle. Inside the compact there is a 5X magnifying mirror.  As well as a suction cup which helps the compact attach to any clean, smooth surface.

In my opinion I find this a brilliant applicator, it has helped me so much in achieving a perfect winged look without the stress of doing it free hand. I feel its well worth the money with the quality of the product as well as the durable compact & handy compact, the magnifying mirror & suction cup.

So this has been my brief little post on the Liner Designer, I hope you enjoyed it. If you’ve used it I’d love to hear from you, maybe you have some tips or tricks? As always just leave a comment.

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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