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My ‘Colourpop’ Wishlist

Today’s post is all about my Colourpop wishlist. I’ve loved the look of Colourpop products for ages now & they made shipping international available finally (Thanks again Colourpop!) I’ve decided to compile a list of products that I’d love to try!

The main reason I wanna try Colourpop is for their lip products, they sound amazing. The main product I want is ‘Marshmallow‘ & for just $11 I can get the lipstick & pencil! Other lip shades I’d love to try include ‘Button‘ ‘Lumiere‘ & ‘Tootsi‘, again each one has the matching pencil. In terms of lip products I’d love to try their lippie Primer too, especially as its only $5.

Moving onto eyes, they have such a large range of eye shadows that I almost struggle to choose, so I decided on two shades – ‘Lace‘ & ‘Mixedtape‘. Two stunning purples that I could create some pretty looks with each costing $5. In terms of liners I decided on a nice brown shade ‘Stomper‘ & again the products ranging between $5/$6. With everything being about brows I couldn’t leaving behind some brow products so I decided on shade ‘Bangin Brunette‘, them products again $5/$6.

Finally I wanna talk about some face products I’d love to purchase, their ‘Sculpting Stix‘ come in a range of shades or all skin tones ideal for contouring & highlighting the face. I decided on shades ‘Illuminati’, ‘Gummy Bear’ & ‘Adulting’ again all for just $5. Finally finishing up with a beautiful blush in shade ‘Birthday Suit‘, as well as a highlighter in shade’Butterfly Beach‘ both just $8.

So there’s some of the products I’m wishing for, to add these to my collect would be unreal. I hope in the coming months to place an order & finally try this brand. I heard so many positive things, that I’m getting majorly excited, plus for those prices its a total bargain.

I’d love to hear if you’ve used any of these products? Are they worth purchasing? Any recommendations? Do you have a Colourpop wishlist? If so please comment!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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