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Spectrum Collections Wishlist

I can’t believe we are already half way through September, I always find September to be a long & tiring month with going back to school/college, or even just because it starts to really feel like autumn. So when I decided this month on my blog & social media  was gonna be dedicated to beauty & makeup posts, it was to try & help my tired mermaid self as well as you amazing readers get through the month!

So its time for my Spectrum Collection post, the excitement I have as I type this post is childlike. You know that kinda giddy excitement when you really wanted that toy & your parents said maybe!

I came across Spectrum Collections products a while ago while I was flicking through Twitter. I spotted these stunning white handles brushes along with a marble print brush bag. Yup you guessed it, I saw the beauties that are the ‘Marbelous‘ collection with matching marble print ‘Bag‘. From the moment of seeing then, I knew I needed them! I have that #NeedsNotWants tendency!

img_0285  img_0282
Once I found the website I had instant happiness before my every eyes, while I knew my bank balance was almost crying. Everything about this brand screams at me, the mermaid/unicorn vibes, to the colours but most importantly the #CrueltyFree aspect, with the plus side of also being vegan.

Some of the products I adore include ‘The Glam Clam‘ their mermazing 10 brush collection, that comes with their every own clam shell clutch. At €70 I think its brilliant. Next up the’ Ultimate 30 Piece Set‘ the complete spectrum collection for just under €120.
img_0275  img_0284

Moving onto some accessories, their brush cleaning bundle including their stunning vegan brush soap & heart brush cleaner, again for just €23.50 I think its brilliant value. A stunning makeup bag ‘Half Unicorn, Half Mermaid‘  that’s both pink & blue, screaming to be purchases at just under €20. Finally I’ll mention their ‘Blending Sponge‘ available in a lilac & pink shade & just €5.87.

So there is just my brief overview of one of the most stunning brands I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’m so excited to purchase from them & once I have I will definitely do a blog post. I’d love to know have any of you used any of these products? Are they worth the €? Any recommendations?

(*Pictures are from www.spectrumcollections.com)

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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