Urban Decay, A ‘Naked’ Range – Ultimate Basics

The excitement as I’m writing this is post.. My Urban Decay obsession is in full flow & looking at the upcoming releases its set to continue. Honestly, if I could only have & use one makeup brand for the rest of my life – its easy, Urban Decay every time!

So the eagerly anticipated Naked ‘Ultimate Basics’ palette has arrived here in Ireland.  It was released Thursday, September 29th but I got mine a day earlier as I pre-ordered. So it gave me extra time to admire this beauty. With getting it that bit early I got started into reviewing it, so I could get this post up a bit quicker then normal!

So as always I’ll start with the packaging. To be honest I always love their packaging but this palette has exceeded my expectations. A plastic rose gold square case, with bursting design & a large Urban Decay Naked logo. Encased you’ll find a large mirror filling the lid, along with the 12 stunning Matte shades & a double ended miniature brush. (Sobbing, I lost mine) On one side of the brush it has a soft, densely packed eye shadow brush (use to layer eye shadow) & the other side holds a shorter bristled smaller head which can double up as an eyeliner brush or used to distribute shadow on your lower or upper lash line. This palette is ideal for travelling as its light & compact in weight & size, plus very easy to store.

Inside you’ll find 12 shades, 12 all Matte shades, Yup we begged for it & they made it for us! All shades are brand new & exclusive to this palette according to Urban Decay, their press statement stated the shades are “completely different from the shades in Naked Basics and Naked2 Basics”. Although some shades are extremely similar/ slight variations shades from other naked palettes, but in my opinion you’re bound to come across shades that are similar, there is only a spectrum of colours after all.  The palette contains a selection of both warm and cooler nudes, suitable for a range of skin tones, its just all about personal preference. The fascinating thing about the palette is there’s such a variety of shades it allows for the creation of simple neutral eye looks as well as natural smokier ones & that’s what I love most about Urban Decay when they create a palette.

So lets get to the shades: [Left to Right, Top to Bottom] – Blow (Light Nude Demi-Matte), Nudie (Soft Pink Nude Matte), Commando (Light Taupe Brown Matte), Tempted (Pale Brown Matte), Instinct (Medium Pink Taupe Matte) & Lethal (Reddish Brown Matte)

Pre-Game (Pale Yellow Matte), Extra Bitter (Burnt Orange Matte), Faith (Medium Warm Brown Matte), Lockout (Rich Neutral Brown Matte), Magnet (Smoky Gray Matte) & Blackjack (Warm Black Matte)

My Favourite shades to date include: Instinct, Lethal, Extra Bitter & Magnet.

Priced around €47.50/£39.50/$54. I purchase mine from my local Debenhams, but know its available online from Urban Decay.com, as well as other stores in different countries. My pros include – Everything about this palette is amazing, the packaging, 12 Matte shades, the eye shadow formulation & pigmentation. The large mirror & adorable double ended brush! My cons include – I always struggle to find flaws but if I’m being mega picky it would be not having a better blending brush, I did say mega picky. In my opinion this Palette is ideal for anyone searching for a ‘Matte’ palette, the shades included allow for the creation of many looks. I know I was looking for an all Matte palette, so I’m delighted to finally have it!
Feel free to leave your comment, links & opinions below, I’d be delighted to hear your views on this palette. Did you purchase it? What shades are your favourite? Have you found a palette at all similar?

As always until next time!

RoaM -X-

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