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Candles: My Yankee Favourites

I’m one of those people that love having candles, even if its just to have that stunning glow from the flame. Yankee Candles are probably my favourite company when it comes to candles, I’m willing to spend a little extra so I get the quality. Plus the range they have is huge & ideal since I like certain candles at different times of the year, as well as certain moods.

Today I decided to talk about my favourites from Yankee. I’m gonna chat about my top 5 favourite scents to date.

Black Plum Blossom – a stunning purple wax infused with the aroma of the nectar of beautiful black plum blossoms with  a subtle hint of vanilla & white musk.

Summer Scoop – a beautiful pink wax with a stunning creamy aroma, like a homemade strawberry ice cream, brings to mind memories from hot summer days.

Vanilla Lime – A vivid green wax with a smooth and refreshing aroma, instantly you smell a creamy rich vanilla, a sweet cane sugar & my favourite a zesty lime twist.

Jelly Bean – An Easter special, this candle is such a treat! A beautiful purple wax that sets off memories of everyone’s colourful & fun childhood. A treat often given to children, that is still to this thoroughly enjoyed well into adulthood. The scent bursts with sugary sweet fruits.

Witches Brew – A Halloween special that certainly cast a spell over me! An amazing black wax with the stunningly spicy, yet slightly sweet aroma of exotic patchouli. If you love Lush Cosmetics ‘Lord of Misrule’ scent, you will love this candle!

All candles are available online, or in your local Yankee Candle stores. Prices range depending on what size & style you are wanting. You can purchase tealights, melts & samples. While jars are available in large, medium & small, as well as Decor pillars (large, medium & small) & tumblers. Some of the range is also available in room diffusers, reed diffusers, as well as car fresheners in a range of styles.

Have you tried out any of these beauties? Is there any candle you would suggest I try?I love hearing from you, so feel free to comment!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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