The Original ‘Makeup Eraser’

I’ve recently began to use this product regularly. I’ve picked up my skincare routine in the last month, once I have it perfected I’ll be doing a post, but right now its all about trial & error!

So the product I’ve been using is the ‘MakeUp Eraser’ a reusable cloth that removes makeup with just water. I purchased mine from a local pharmacy but know it can be purchased online from their website for just €19.99. I know there other dupes available on the market, W7 have one that’s just €3.50.

I decided to purchase this product as it meant I could reduce my waste when it came to my makeup & skincare routine, as it removed the need for cotton pads etc.

So the steps when using the cloth – Firstly its important to wash the eraser cloth prior to use. Then ensure the cloth is wet, drenched with warm water. Then gently rub off all your makeup using a circular motion. Then turn cloth over to side with tag attached/ long nap side & use to gently exfoliate. Then rinse the cloth, of course wash (cool,delicate machine 1) the eraser cloth as needed. It is a breading ground for bacteria & you don’t want that on the skin. (The eraser cloth is both dryer & dryer sheet friendly!)

What I really love is that it removes waterproof/smudgeproof makeup, as well as lipstick. Its also suitable for all skin types, even sensitive & troublesome skin. The manufactures recommend that it lasts up to 1,000 washes, which is a long time when it comes to re-buying. This is one product in my skincare routine that I would definitely recommend to others to purchase. It works well for my skin, although it might not suit everyone it does wonders for the environment & that’s always a bonus for me!

So there is my brief few words about this makeup remover. Have you used it? Whats your opinion on this makeup removal method?

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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