Urban Decay, Pro Brushes

I was beyond excited when I heard that Urban Decay were releasing new brushes, to be honest its almost difficult to keep up with Urban Decay in recent times as they continue to fire out what seems like endless lush & luxury items. When I heard it was brushes being released, I’ll admit the excitement grew a little. I own Real Techniques & I’m gushing over Spectrum Collection brushes but Urban Decay hold a special place in my heart, so I said I’d have a look & see if I was gonna make any purchases. Funny really, ‘if I was gonna make any purchases’ of course I was, its Urban Decay! So of course once a photo was released I couldn’t stop looking at them & once they hit counters I had to go to my local counter to have a look & see if I could have a play. Thankfully the girls on my local counter are lovely & know of my extreme love for Urban Decay so they let me have a little play & of course I had to make a purchase.

Before I share what brushes I ended up purchasing I’ll share a little about the brushes: each brush is cruelty free, as well as easy on the environment & skin. Each brush is of Pro quality, with a gunmetal handle made from recycled aluminum. Mega soft synthetic hairs produced from recycled plastic bottles that certainly give the feel of real hair. A bonus of using synthetic hair is that it isn’t porous like animal hair is, so it doesn’t hold on bacteria in the same way, making for easier to clean brushes.  So in turn all the tools are still super luxurious, lush & soft but more hygienic. So we can now spend more time messing around with looks & less time cleaning our tools! Thank you Urban Decay!

Okay so onto the brushes I purchased, the first one I ended up buying was the F101 ‘Large Tapered Foundation’ brush. One of the girls tested it out with the new ‘All Nighter’ liquid foundation & I knew I needed this brush in my life. The densely packed hairs as well as the shape makes for an even & full coverage, the tapered end makes it ideal for all over coverage . As silly as it sound in my opinion its almost like a beauty blender/ sponge its so dense & effective. I love that this brush works well in applying cream, liquid & powder products. I purchased mine from my local counter in Debenhams for €31/£23/€59, it can be bought online from Urban Decay UK/US.

Up next I bought the F110 ‘The Finger’. Any reviews about the brushes I was reading kept chatting about this brush, its explained as giving finger like control yet having a flawless stippling effect of a brush. Its ideal for concealer & eye shadow. The tapered shape & densely packed hairs allow you to place product exactly where you want it & give a flawless finish. Suggestions for use including ‘highlighting the tip of your nose, blend eye shadow across your brow bone or to touch up your concealer’. I purchased mine again from my local counter in Dehenhams for €22/£18/€26 , it can be bought online from Urban Decay UK/US.

Lastly I bought the E217 ‘Essential Eye Tool’. I bought this purely because I needed & wanted a multi-functional eye tool, so with this having 3 tools in 1 I had to have it! It has a brow brush, stainless-steel lash comb as well as a spoolie. So now making my brows & lashes perfect can be done quickly & with just one tool. I purchased mine again from my local counter in Debenhams for €14.50/£11/€15 , it can be bought online from Urban Decay UK/US.

I love the look of each of these brushes as well as all the others in the collection. The quality is exceptional & well worth every penny. I hope to one day eventually own all the brushes in this collection but here’s to hoping. So that was my little talk through of each of the brushes I’ve purchased so far. Please feel free to comment, I’d love to know your thoughts? Do you have any brushes? Any suggestions on which ones I should get next?

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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