Magnitone London – The Full Monty! 

My skin is a sensitive subject for me, I struggle with it most of the time! I’ll admit its not the worst but I get spots & blemishes & having combination skin it can be difficult to find a balance. I’ve wanted to try a skincare brush for quit a while & with so many on the market I was slightly overwhelmed. But after reading reviews I came across the ‘Magnitone London, The Full Monty! Daily Skincare Brush.’ From the reviews I was well impressed & decided to make a purchase.

So a little about the brush, it deeply cleanses the face as well as body. It can be used to remove dirt, excess oil & even makeup. The machine is powered by “double award-winning Vibra-Sonic™ technology” which features a brush head that rotates at an average 15,000 pulsed oscillations per minute, which is ideal for a pore-penetrating action that in turn gives a smooth, refined texture due to the tool stimulating blood circulation which in turn assists natural collagen production.

The brush cleanses using 5 modes, with 3 different brush heads:

  • Pedi Buff – ‘well heeled’ makes removing rough & tough skin easy, ideal for feet.
  • Body Exfoliation – ‘the exfoliator’ brush head ideal for all over body buffing.
  • 3 Facial settings (Sensitive, Daily Cleanse and PulseLift Toning) – ‘active clean’ brush head ideal for face cleansing.

This means you can easily customise your own routine to make your skin firmer, with a radiant glow.

Some of my favourite features of this brush include:

  • It is fully waterproof, making it suitable for use even in the shower
  • Its lightweight & compact making it easy to travel with, so you never have to miss a day in your skincare routine
  • Using the brush helps the skins absorption of skincare creams & serums a lot easier
  • One button – press to turn on & press again to change mode
  • The brush works on 20 second intervals, beeping to alarm you to change section. After 3 intervals 20/20/20 = 60 seconds (1 minute) the brush turns itself off
  • Has a wireless USB charging cradle
  • Charging time –  8/12 hours (average)

So what are you getting for your money:

  • Instructions for use
  • My Magnitone Membership Card
  • 12 Month (1 year) Warranty
  • USB Lead for charging
  • Magnetic USB Charging Cradle
  • 5 Mode Vibra-Sonic Face and Body Brush
  • ‘Active Clean’ – Facial Brush Head
  • ‘The Exfoliator’ – Body Brush Head
  • ‘Well Heeled’ – Pedicure Head

At the time I purchased mine for €118.95/£97.50/$127 from ‘LookFantastic‘ as they had a sale on. I know it normally retails at €158.95/£130/$169, but keep an eye out as I know they often have a sale on. It can also be gotten from their own website also. I got mine in grey, but know its available in blue & summer (LE, Brazilian Bombshell pattern).Also brush heads are recommended to be changed every 3 months or so & can be purchased from either of the websites above for in or around €15/€20.

I feel having this brush has made such a difference in my skincare routine, I try to use it every 2 days or so & can see great results & its only been a month. Once I’ve my skincare routine perfected I will be doing a post. But if you have any suggestions please tweet me, I’d love your advice!

So there’s a little about the Magnitone London: The Full Monty! Daily Skincare Brush. Have you used anything from the Magnitone London skincare brush range? Or even another skincare brush? Do you feel it makes a difference in your skincare routine?  As always feel free to comment, I love hearing from you!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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