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Stationary: I Like Stationary!

Stationary has always been something I’ve loved, from young I always had scented pens & 101 types of markers, several journals on the go & some pretty stickers. I’m pretty arts & craftys myself, I took art in school & continued on through college going into culinary arts, so that’s just creating some art from food I guess. I love card making, as well painting & drawing & have recently even begun trying out some different styles of penmenship.

So stationary, I’ll admit I have to much, but in my opinion you can never have to much. I’ve purchased loads of pencils & colours, Staedtler is my favourite brand, although I do love to use Sharpies for some projects. These can be purchased in most good book or craft stores ranging from €5 upwards, I often purchase when they are on sale, as you can get some bargins.

I could buy endless number of diaries, journals & notebooks, a few weeks back I write a post about my filofax, which I love. But just recently I purchased a Ban.do diary that runs from August 2016 right through to December 2017. I love it, its my favourite diary that I’ve ever had, it has so much space – having a week layout over two pages & a month over view at the start of each month, as well as two notes pages. Its got a cute & quirky style to it, with a selection of artwork within. I choose a pretty pink cover with large nude cream flowers & greenery. I purchased mine from Moss.ie for about €25, which I found great value with how long it lasts. What I love most about it is the large amount of space to write, add stickers or even draw, whatever you like to do you have space for.

Also from Moss.ie I purchased the Happiness Planner pencils, 10 pencils with rose gold inscriptions on each, plus a small gold sharpener. I love the stunning collection of different colours & quotes on each pencil for just €12, some might say its a little expensive but the quality is brilliant plus they look so cute displayed on your deck, or alomgside a pretty journal.

I’ll admit I could chat on & on about stationary but I don’t want to bore you! Do you love stationary? Whats your favourite brands? Any recommendations on what I should purchase next?

As always thanks for reading, until next time!

RoaM -X-

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