Lush: Lushoween 2016

Its Halloween, I hope everyone has a safe & enjoyable night! With it being Halloween I thought it only appropriate that I shared my Lushoween post today! These are just the products I’ve tried from the Lush Halloween range, there are of course other products well worth trying.

Bath Bombs:

Lord of Misrule – (£3.95) A beautiful deep green exterior, that slowly reveals a rich wine/burgundy centre. The stunning aroma of herb & spicy patchouli & black pepper, with a subtle vanilla sweetness. This bath bomb creates some stunning bath art & its always a pleasure to enjoy a bath with. Inside popping candy creates a stunning display of  bright bursts of colour & in my opinion really boosts the aroma. Its a bath bomb I stock up on & store well so I can have one throughout the year. I wish this was a regular line products cause its truly lush!

Autumn Leaf – (£3.75) Its just so photogenic! A cute leaf shaped bath bomb that resembles exactly a crunchy leaf that is often underfoot. A stunning display of green, yellow & red make for some show, while a grassy aroma fills the air, with subtle hints of bergamot & sandalwood. I’ll admit I bought a few extra to store away purely for the stunning display of colour it provides.

Monsters’ Ball – (£4.25) Reminding me Mike from Monster Inc, this one eyed purple monsters gives off some show! A beautiful array of purples & blues make it a true bath tub beauty in my eyes. While the amazing aroma of lime & neroli are so enjoyable, I’ve really fallen in love with this scent! I found it made the water so soft & created a beautiful mermaid like navy water! Again like the others I’ve bought an extra one or two to stock away as a treat in a few weeks time!

Pumpkin – (£3.95) The most perfectly craved out pumpkin I ever did see, this guy is like a slice of pumpkin pie. Its a very sweet yet comforting aroma of vanilla & cinammon, while there is a slight biscuity aroma that smells like you’ve been baking in the bathtub. His no show stopper with a pretty plain orange & yellow display, but his aroma alone made me by an extra one to put it away, think childhood sherbet almost!

Bubble Bar:

Sparkly Pumpkin – (£3.95) Glitter, all I need to say is glitter, because you touch this & your are covered in a stunning gold glitter that sticks around for while. A beautiful bubble bar, with an aroma of juniperberry, grapefruit & lime. I love this & purchased an extra one in case I ever what to have a glitter party in the bath. Plus using even half a bubble bar gives you loads of bubbles, making it good value for money!

Bath Melt:

Boo – (£3.50) This adorable little ghost remind me of Casper the friendly ghost from my childhood so I had to try he! A warm ginger, sandalwood & sicilian mandarin aroma fills the air, while the cocoa butter melts away, there is a slight gritty texture that lightly exfoliated, leaving the skin stunningly soft. I really enjoyed this little guy!

Shower Cream:

Lord Of Misrule – (£16.50 for 500g) Similar to the bath bomb this shower cream soothes your senses with its beautiful blend of patchouli, peppercorn & black pepper while the vanilla brings some sweetness. Once rubbed, even slightly this cream lathers amazingly leaving soft & smooth skin. I purchased the 500g as I like to have a little extra to last me when into next year!

Know Wrap:

Moon Phases – (£4.50) I’m almost ashamed to admit it but this is my first knot warp! I purchased this to practice my gift wrapping skills, as well as to enjoy the stunning graphic. The stunning & soft fabric displays all the moon phases of 2017, which I thought was incredibly cool.

Well they are the products that I’ve tried, tested & enjoyed! What about you, did you have a Lushoween experience? What were your favourites? I love hearing from you all, so feel free to comment or send on links to your own posts, I love reading them!

As always, Until next time RoaMers!

RoaM -X-

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