Personal: A – Z of Me

I thought this might be a kinda quirky way to get to know me.. I’m gonna be cheeky & every few letters I might just write a few things about myself.

A- Ariel, if I could be any Disney Princess I know I’d be her, since a child I’d always choose her.

– Apples, I hate them. The smell & taste is unpleasant to me, I haven’t always disliked them but in recent years I can’t stand them.

B- Baths, seriously I love baths, I could happily live in the bath.

– Bulldogs, its my dream pet & I’d get a male & call him ‘Sox’.

– Bows, Bubbles, Butterflies & Buttons. I seriously like the letter ‘B’ don’t I.

C- Candles, I love the flicker & how pretty they can make the place look, making myself sound like a pyro.

– Colouring, a hobby since childhood. I still have a large collection & find it so relaxing.

– Cocktails, delicious & great for an evening out with good company.

D- Daddies Girl, I’m a totally daddies girl & I love it. I hope if I ever have a daughter that she gets to have a relationship with her dad like I do with mine.

– Dandelions, well I call them clocks & I definitely see a wish not a weed.

– Day dreaming! Come on, who isn’t!

– Disney, like everyone its grown from childhood.

E- Eggs, poached or Cadburys ‘Mini Eggs’ I’ll take either.

F- Fires, I love nothing more then having a cosy night in, in front of a roaring fire, yup those pyro tendencies rise again!

G- Galway, its my Home, always has been, always will be!

H- Homeware, I could buy it always but when I’ve not got my own place yet I don’t want to buy to much!

I- Ikea, who doesn’t love Ikea, such good quality & value, plus that homeware though!

J- Jewelry, I usen’t be the biggest fan but over the last few years I’ve grown to love it! I feel naked without it, I always wear earrings, a necklace & ring. But sometimes even some bracelets.

K- Ketchup, I hate it! The smell  & taste is just disgusting.

L- Lush, I love this company, their ethos & morals. Plus excuse the pun, but they make lush products.

– Lipstick, I don’t want to say it but I think its my favourite makeup product, I’m lipstick obsessed.

– Lace, its just stunning & makes everything look so elegant.

M- Mermaids, I’ve always had a fascination with them. Plus who wouldn’t want to be one? I really should of been a mermaid!

– Makeup, to be fair its pretty self explanatory.

– Monsters Inc, my favourite movie of all time. Sulley is my favourite, plus I love the music!

N- Naps, I love them but who doesn’t, I think everyday should have a few extra hours for napping!

O- Orchids, my favourite flowers. They are just so pretty!

P- Prosecco, my favourite alcoholic drink. A little candy floss or a strawberry always add a nice touch. Plus some Pizza always goes nicely.

– Paisley, I love patterns but especially paisley.

– Pearls, whats not to love, they are so elegant & classy. I wear one around my neck always.

– Pinterest, I’m obsessed, if you wanna follow me or even just see my boards, the links below.

Q- Quirky, a word others often use to describe me & my personality. I love this word!

R- Rugby, I’ve loved it since I can remember, its a love I share with my dad, baby brother & GG. I support Connacht & Wales when it comes to team. Leigh Halfpenny & Jake Heenan are my favourite players.

S- Stationary, I’m obsessed & could continue to buy it. Like I literally have 100’s of pens.

T- Ted Baker, I want it all. But the goals are a purse, handbag & coat.

U- Urban Decay, yup you knew it was gonna be there. My favourite makeup brand by a mile, serious quality.

V- Victory, the meaning of my name!

W- Winnie the Pooh, a favourite since childhood. My favourite character is Eeyore & song is ‘Heffalumps & Woozles’.

X- Xray, I’ve had a couple as I was such a clumsy child.

Y- Yankee Candles, my favourite brand for melts & candles.

Z- Zodiac, I don’t really get the whole thing but I’m a Virgo.

So there it is, A-Z about me! I’d love if you’d have a go & link me to your posts. Feel free to ask a question or comment, I love hearing from you!

Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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