Urban Decay, Full Spectrum Palette

Lets just take a moment to appreciate all the hard work that Urban Decay are doing, as they continue to produce products of such high quality. It’s almost difficult to keep up with all of them, like seriously they should just take my money now as I know I’ll already be wanting the new product they are working on!

Firstly the thing I love most about this palette is that its a bright & vibrant palette for the holiday season, its all to common in the makeup world to create neutral palettes for the holiday season, so I love Urban Decays bravery at pulling away from the common & bringing out this cracker of a colourful palette.

The Urban Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette was launched in limited quantities in 2015 &  people went crazy trying to get their hands on it, I’ll admit I was one of them! But sadly I didn’t manage to get one! So when I heard Urban Decay were going to release a ‘Full Spectrum’ I had to have it! This palette has to be their biggest & brightest yet! This palette is ideal for any colour addict & junkie out there! Seriously though, 21 shades – brights & bolds, even a matte white! Arranged by colour families, a rainbow/spectrum of colours was created, pink – orange – yellow – green – blue – purple & a whole row that gives us shades from white – grey – black. The way this palette was created allows you to create looks within the ombre trio of shade groups or be daring & experiment with several groups to create a look. This palette has 18 smashing new colours, with 3 (*) from past palettes. A range of finishes really add to your options, stunning shimmers to smooth mattes – It’s so exciting!

So the packaging, a stunningly sleek black case screams glamour, while matte to shiny like lines alternate across the cover with a large rainbow faceted ‘UD’ jewel. Like most Urban Decay palettes, inside the lid lies a large mirror (set back further then other palette mirrors) & alongside the stunning shades lies a double ended brush. The brush always comes in handy when creating looks, having both a tapered crease brush (ideal for shadow laydown, crease defining & blending) while the shadow brush (helps you pack on colour or even use for finer details).

As always each shade features Urban Decays amazing Pigment Infusion System™, ensuring that each shade has a stunning velvety texture, staying power, vibrancy & blendability. So the shades include: (Top to bottom, Left to right!)

  • *Alchemy – satin, fuchisa
  • Gossip – subtle floating pearl through metallic pink
  • Paranoia – metallic blue/pink
  • Warning – burnt/deep metallic copper
  • Seize – subtle floating pearl through metallic coral
  • Jones – subtle floating pearl through metallic orange
  • Midnight Blaze – yellow gold pearl through matte black
  • Calavera – subtle floating pearl through matte yellow
  • Goldmine – metallic golden yellow
  • Hundred –  metallic deep green
  • *Hatter – vibrant green with tonal micro-sparkle
  • Mean –  metallic lime green
  • Minx – floating tonal pearl through matte navy
  • Blindsided – floating pearl through matte teal blue
  • *Metamorphosis – periwinkle blue with micro-sparkle
  • Delirious – floating pearl through matte deep plum
  • Sketch – metallic medium purple
  • Faded –  lavender with golden shimmer
  • Platonic – iridescent glitter through matte black
  • Iced – shimmer through oyster sliver
  • Bump – matte white

My Favourite shades to date: Gossip, Jones, Goldmine, Mean, Blindsided, Faded & Iced! (Yup one from each shade trio, but to be honest I couldn’t decide because I actually love every shade. I think its a perefct select of shades!

The price is roughly €49/£43. I purchased mine in my local Debenhams store but it can be purchased online from Debenhams & Urban Decay in the UK/US. My pros include – having so many shades in one palette, like seriously 21 shades, wow! Makes it the ideal travel companion. Cons include – with certain shades its essential to use a primer, while other shades there is fall. To be honest these are common cons to eyeshadow palettes, but I really can’t think of others.

This palette is ideal for anyone wanting a range of shades & finishes all in one palette – 21 shades, or someone wanting a lot from a palette, having extras such as a medium sized mirror & a double ended brush. This to in turn makes it ideal for travelling or even for your handbag. I’ll admit I buy 90% of the Urban Decay palettes as I’m a total UD Junkie, but honestly feel this palette is worth every penny & any hype that surrounds it. I know I’ll reach for this palette regularly.

So there’s my little chat through this beauty, these are just my comments & opinions. I’d love to know yours, have you bought the palette? What your favourite shades? Feel free to comment!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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