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Brush Hygiene, Cleaning Mat

Everyone know the importance of taking caring for your makeup brushes, its not just so they last & look well but because they harbor nasty bacteria that nobody wants on their skin. But I’ll be first to admit brush cleaning can be a long & boring time of the week, especially if you have lots of makeup brushes!

Many brands have brought out a number of tools to aid in the process of brush cleaning – brush eggs (I’ve used one but find it so annoying as its so small!) then there are mitts, I’ll admit Id be interested in seeing how well these work, I can imagine its very handy (excuse the pun!) But the one that interested me most was the cleaning mat, many companies have these for a range of prices, some even as high as €40, which seem steep to me, especially as I didn’t know would I like this method.

So I went on ‘Aliexpress’ & found one for under €4, seriously cheap as chips. Plus that was with free shipping, I just had to wait 3 weeks for it to arrive! This ‘Express Brush Cleaning Mat‘ is the one I purchased, it comes in a range of colours, this says random colour choice but I bought off a different buyer who let me chose, so I choose the purple! I thought spending little money meant trying it out & if I liked the method but the quality wasn’t great I’d just purchase a more expensive one down the line.

So the mat has a number of textures on the surface, ideal for different types of brushes. The left side is for eye brushes (wash, rinse & refine)

The right side is for face brushes (again wash, rinse & refine).

On the back of the mat there are a few suction cups that allows it to stick to a surface, this means it doesn’t slip & slid around the skin while washing. Also with the mat being silicone its easy to wash, clean & dry it, it doesn’t harbor bacteria & also its easy to store as it can even be rolled up & won’t loose shape.

I found it brilliant so far, but I’ve only used it twice. It made the washing of all my brushes take just 20 minutes when often it could take 50 minutes or an hour. Each brush was very clean (of course I used brush soap also). I would highly recommend purchasing a mat if you find washing your brushes is daunting & takes forever. I’ll see how long this one lasts & might eventually purchase a more expensive one, I just wanna see the wear & tear on this one first!

So theres just a quick run through of this handy brush cleaning mat. I’d love to hear from you so if you have any questions just shout, or even let me know what method of brush cleaning you use or recommend? As always thanks for reading!

Until next time,

RoaM -X-

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