Lush: Face Masks

So happy Friday lovelies! With it being Friday I thought I’d share some of my favourite face masks with you, I love faces masks a lot but I’ll admit my favourites are all from Lush. As you’ll see from the pictures they are well loved & used!

So starting off #FaceMaskFriday with an old favourite: ‘Cupcake‘ coming in at £6.95 for 75g it might seem expensive but its worth every penny! Firstly this has to be stored in the fridge so it lasts, plus having it cold feels a lovely cooling affect on the skin. A mix of Rhassoul mud & cocoa powder work together to absorb & draw out dirt, so it gives a deep clean. Some mint to tone the skin, cocoa butter & linseed to moisturise. Like most masks I leave it for 15 minutes or so & wash off with warm water.

Next up is the stunning ‘Don’t Look At Me‘ again its £6.95 for 75g, it seems to be the ideal size for face masks, as it means you use the product will its at its best! So did you ever fancy being blue like a smurf? I don’t know about you but I never did, but when it comes to this mask I don’t mind one bit because its beautiful. Its ideal for exfoliating with ground rice while the neroli brightens & the silken tofu, rice syrup & grapefruit oil  combination bring a stunning aroma & softness to your skin after the gentle exfoliation. Again nice even layer for 15 minutes & wash off with warm water, I know you’ll love it! *This mask again needs to be stored in the fridge.

Up next is ‘Mask Of Magnaminty‘ coming in at either £6.25 for 125g or £10.95 for 315g. This mask is self preserving which is very handy. A stunning minty mask that us multi-purpose, so it keeps your skin in tip-top condition. Ingredient include honey (antibacterial), peppermint oil (stimulant to blood cells, causing a refresshed & bright look) chlorophyllin ( treat skin) & primrose, aduki beans to lightly exfoliate on cleaning away.  So a nice thick layer for 15 minutes, relax & rinse off with warm water, you’ll feel &  notice the difference.

Last & by no means least ‘Cup O’ Coffee‘ priced at £6.75 for 150g I think its brilliantly priced when you see the results. I asked for a sample of this before I buy this, as I was afraid it might be to drying on my skin. I’ve used the samples & know I’ll be purchasing. On opening the tub you’re meet with the strongest coffee aroma, great if you enjoy the smell. A beautiful blend of roast cocoa, coriander oil & vetivery make a stunning mix, once left on skin ( I use it on my face & body) for 15 minutes, wash off as normal with warm water & you’ll notice the difference plus the bathroom will smell of freshly brewed coffee.

So there it is, the 4 face masks I’ve used from Lush. I love each one & can’t wait to try some others, although I gotta be careful as I have a nut allergy which mean I can’t use a number of them!

Have you used any of these face masks? whats your favourite? Any recommendations? Please feel free to comment, I love hearing from you. And as always, thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading! Until next time,

RoaM -X-

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