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Cocoa Brown: ‘The Goddess Collection’

Seriously though I don’t know have I ever seen such a truly pretty trio! Marissa Carter is creator & founder of Cocoa Brown, one of the fastest growing Tan brands in the world, even Kylie Jenner is a fan. Marissa has now created these three stunning face & body shimmer oils. This holiday season they can be bought part of a trio – ‘The Goddess Collection’ that retails at €17,95 (just €13 in Penneys or €14.95 from Cloud10Beauty) which contains the trio of Goddess oils in 30 ml bottles – Golden Goddess, Rose Gold Goddess & Ice Goddess.

Golden Goddess: a dry shimmering body oil designed to add an illuminating glow, it can also be bough for €11.95 for a 50ml bottle. Its the original oil in the range, it often appeals to those who favour a golden hue to their look.

Rose Gold Goddess: the second of the dry shimmer body oils, again it can be bought for €11.95 for a 50ml bottle. This oil is ideal for paler skin tones without sallow pigments, yet those still wanting that shimmer effect.

The NEW Ice Goddess: its ideal for adding shimmer without any bronze effect, so perfect for achieving that perfect subtle glow. The oil has violet undertones which brightens dull skin, so handy in this long winter months, especially here in Ireland.

Marissa even shared some of her top tips when using her stunning oils:

  • Mixing a little oil of choice  with moisturiser or foundation allow for a subtle glow & shimmer.
  • My personal favourite tip of Marissa’s is – use oil of choice as a ‘primerlight’, this is done by adding a light layer of oil across the face before applying your foundation, so as though a primer & this then brightens any dullness & reflects light beautifully. (I tried this out & its brilliant!)
  • Ideal for highlighting of cheekbones & shoulders, as well as other parts of the body.

Plus a sneaky trick of my own is to mix all three oils, it creates a stunning yet subtle glow. I definitely advice giving it a go, even just to look at – Its so pretty!

Well there is my brief little run through of each of these three stunning products from Cocoa Brown, I love each of them & look forward to using other products from the stunning Marissa Carter. Have you used any of these luminescent liquids? Whats your favourite? Any other products you reccommend I try?

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