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My Everyday Makeup

I don’t wear makeup everyday but if I do wear it I like to try & keep it pretty simple. Although when I’m writing this it doesn’t seem simple with the long list of products!

Step one has got to be cleansing my skin, I often use a quick miscellar water, wait a few minutes & then apply some B6 prep spray, I love it for how refreshing it is, next up is some moisturiser. I always apply primer, often I use Pore Perfecting, primer potion, but recently I’ve been trying Marissa Carters trick of using one of her goddess oils as a ‘primelighter’ & I love it, like a primer & highlighter in one! Rose Gold Goddess oil is my personal favourite.

Next up is foundation, right now I’m loving ‘All Nighter‘, longwear & full coverage foundation. Its amazing & highly recommend! Concealer is a muct, especially under eye, I use Naked Skin ‘Complete Coverage’ & set it will some losse powder, I’m not partial to any brand, but can’t wait to try the ‘Lock It’ setting powder from Kat Vond D, I’ve heard great things! Right now I’m using ‘De-slick Mattifying powder‘ & fine it pretty good, plus I love the stunning compact!

This next stag depends on the time I have & what mood I’m in.. but I often like to slightly contour my face using a bronzer, just in a ‘3’ from temple to below the check bones & down to my jawline. A favourite to date is ‘Amour’ then once I’ve bronzed I often use some ‘Pipsy’ blush & ‘Lulu’ highlighter on my cheekbones, cupids bow & on my brow bones, all 3 products are in one handy palette – the Pippa Palette.

Next up is brows, I use the either the ‘Brow Box‘ in brown sugar or the ‘Brow Beater‘ in neutral brown. Both so handy & easy to use!

I always do my eyes next, I always start with a primer, ‘Primer Potion‘ is my favourite by a mile. Depending on the day I like to keep it neutral so the ‘Naked 3‘ palette or the newer ‘Naked Ultimate Basics‘ palette are ideal, I often just use a shade or two & blend them out. If I want colour I now use the ‘Full Septrum‘ palette, its amazing! I then add some nude  or liner along my waterline, then some mascara. ‘Perversion‘ is my go to no matter the occasion, I obsessed!

Again depending on the day & occasion I might add a ‘Cat Eye, Winged’ liner to my look, I use ‘Perversion Fine Point’ eye pen  & the ‘Liner Designer‘ they are the ultimate duo & couldn’t be without them in my makeup bag.

Lips always finish a look in my opinion, the rule I follow is neutral lip with bold eyes & bold lip with neutral eyes, I choose a feature & make it the focal point. Most days its a neutral lip so I use either ‘Stark Naked‘ or ‘Rush‘ if I’m wanting a pink tone.

To finish off my makeup I always set it with ‘All Nighter’ long lasting setting spary‘ with a couple of sprays in an ‘X’ across the face & allow it to dry for a minute or so.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the read, sorry I know its pretty long! As you can tell most of the makeup is Urban Decay, I’m obsessed but if you could recommend any products you think I’d enjoy please feel free to comment! I’d love to hear from you, plus I love trying new products. I wanna thank you for reading!

Until next time!

RoaM – X –

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