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Decor: Lightbox

I love decorating a room, but adding the finishing touches is so satisfying, often its something as easy as a photo frame or vase. Something I’ve had my eye on for ages is a ‘Lightbox’ they have become huge lately, especially on social media. What I love most is the idea of having a cute written display that can be changed as often as you like. Write a cute little message or share a quote, the lightbox sits pretty in any room in my opinion.

I purchased mine from Moss Cottage  for just under €40. I found this excellent value, especially because I had a good choice of colours to choose from, of course I was only going to choose a monochrome colour, so I decided on a white one. Included in the price are an 85 piece letter & symbol pack, which alone is worth €10. What I really love about the lightbox is that it can stand free on a shelf or can be used hanging on a wall. Also it can be battery run or you can purchase an adapter that is mains run. With the adapter I love that they have a choice between black & white too.


Also on Moss Cottage there is the option in size – A4 (The one I’ve purchased) A5 (smaller in size) or XL (it’s huge, would be ideal for a cafe or business). As I said before there is the colour option of either pink, mint, black or white. They also have other letter & symbol sets available to buy separately – with different fonts, symbols & colours for just €10 each.

I’m delighted with my purchase, I find it great quality & can’t wait to use in blogposts & decorating future rooms. I’d definitely recommend buying from Moss Cottage also, its great value & quality, plus shipping is very quick.

So there is just a quick run through of my brilliant new lightbox. I know the likes of Next & Primark have their own versions, at a slightly cheaper price, has anyone bought one? How is the quality?

Well as always, thanks for reading, Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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