Urban Decay, ‘Pro Essentials Brush Stash & Bag’

If you follow me on any of my social media sites, especially Instagram you’ll know I’m Urban Decay obsessed. I love the brand, it’s by far my favourite! But to be fair, their products are stunning, the quality is second to none, even the packaging is spectacular.

If you’ve read my blogpost about the Urban Decay Pro Brushes  you’ll know my excitement when I heard they were releasing new brushes, I chatted about 3 that I had purchased. Well I’ve gone & added to my collection with this stunning Brush stash & bag & they are just so pretty! I purchased mine from my Local Debhenhams, but know it can be purcahsed online too & also from Urban Decay in the UK/USA for €90/£70/$75.

The set includes a bag, can be used to protect your brushes when travelling, as well as a storage like cup. Having a flat bottom it allows it to stand, with an angled zip that allows the sides to be folded down for easier access. A stunning grey & black material lines the inside of the bag.

So a little about the brushes: each brush is easy on the environment & skin, so making it creulty free. Each brush is of Pro quality, with a gunmetal handle made from recycled aluminum. Mega soft synthetic hairs produced from recycled plastic bottles that certainly give the feel of real hair. A bonus of using synthetic hair is that it isn’t porous like animal hair is, so it doesn’t hold on bacteria in the same way, making for easier to clean brushes.  The tools are still super luxurious, lush & soft but more hygienic. This means cleaning time is less – Thank you Urban Decay!

So what brushes are included –

  • Optical Blurring Brush
  • Diffusing Blush Brush
  • The Finger Brush
  • Iconic Eyeshadow Brush
  • Flat Eyeshadow Brush

F105, ‘Optical Blurring Brush’ is so densely packed & the shape allows for a lovely distribution of foundation evenly. It makes buffing in look natural & even achieving an airbrushed finish. Its also great for contouring, blush & anything that needs a blurred-out effect.

F107, ‘Diffusing Blush’ has to be one of the sofest brushes I’ve ever had. The angle makes sculpting easy, while the fluffy yet soft hairs makes placing & blending out of colour on your cheeks look perefct.

F110, ‘The Finger’ giving finger like control yet having a flawless stippling effect of a brush. Its ideal for concealer & eye shadow. The tapered shape & densely packed hairs allow you to place product exactly where you want it & give a flawless finish. Suggestions for use including ‘highlighting the tip of your nose, blend eye shadow across your brow bone or to touch up your concealer’.

E205 ‘Iconic Eyeshadow’  is the ideal brush for applying & blending out eye products. It’s a brilliant ‘eye’ brush & a must have for me when I’m creating a flawless eye look, its all about that blending after all, like my cardio – blend blend blend!

E206, ‘Flat Eyeshadow’  this brush is great for percision, as well as all over colour. I find it brilliant using it with some duraline or setting spray, as it places pigment (even loose) perfectly.

So theres a brief run through of these stunning brush set, I’ll admit the price may seem steep but I can justify it when it has 5 brilliant quality brushes, plus the handy bag. These brushes can also be bought sperately, so if your looking for a particlar brush I definetly recommnd having a look at these beauties. Seriously though theres something so stunning about these brushes, plus the quality is fantastic. So I’ve added more to my brush collection, I’ve still loads to purchase but heres to hoping I can eventually collect them all! So, have you tried any of these brushes? Any suggestions of what ones I should purchase next? I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading, Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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