Urban Decay, ‘Vice Lipstick Palette – Blackmail’

Yet again an Urban Decay post! My obsession is out of control.. My excitement when purchasing a new palette, but there has been extra excitement since its not just a palette but a Lipstick palette! The ‘Blackmail, Vice lipstick palette’ contains 12 stunning lipsticks. I purchased mine from House Of Fraser for just £26, then used Parcel Motel to get it delivered to my house. I don’t think it’s available anymore, so I’m delighted I got my hands on it.

So this beautiful palette – This limited edition palette has it all: neutral shades to brights, all six finishes of lipstick are included. As pigmented as ever, with shades feeling & looking amazing. This palette is an ideal travel companion, including a large mirror & retractable brush. – honestly that brush!

The palette is as beautiful, as it is practical. A metallised case of gunmetal, with gold accents look similar to the vice lipstick range. Inside the case is a large mirror filling the lid. A flip cover with ‘Lipstick is my vice’ covers the lipsticks, once flip open you are meet by the stunning 12 shades & retractable lip brush. The wells of lipstick are sunken down in a stepped way that make wiping away of excess product easy, plus keeping each lipstick in their own compartment. (Having the cover flip over keeps the palette free of any mess & I love it!)

Shades Included (top to bottom, left to right):

Sheer Shame – Berry (Sheer)
Firebird – deep fuchsia (Cream)
Big Bang – bright sparkly pink  (Metallized)
Disobedient – medium pink (Cream)
EZ – bright orangy/red (Cream)
714 – vivid red (Mega Matte)
Vanished – neutral pale nude (Sheer)
1993 – medium brown (Comfort Matte)
Ex-Girlfriend – pink shimmer, rosey nude  (Sheer Shimmer)
Amulet brick red, metallic (Metallized)
Conspiracy – bronze shimmering plum (Metallized)
Blackmail – deep wine berry (Comfort Matte)


A stunning range of shades & finishes make this palette a ‘Go To’ for me, I know it will be well used & loved. Plus that retractable brush is the handiest little tool.
So did you manage to get your hands on this beauty? Did anyone manage to get the ‘Junkie Vice Lipstick Palette’? (Kinda gutted I didn’t manage to get that beauty!) Please comment & link me your posts, let me know your thoughts, I love having a read!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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