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My Haircare Routine

After posting my skincare routine I thought I’d briefly share  my hair-care routine. I struggle with my hair often, its pretty long ( to my shoulders) & what I would describe as ‘Frizzy’ it has a slight wave that just leads to knots & I hate it. Plus I’ve dyed my hair since 13, so that 11 long years of damaged to my hair. And yes I’ve bleached it & put it from black to brown, to purple, pink & red! I never have been daring enough to try rainbow/ blue or green all though I love the idea.

So I have very greasy hair & end up washing it between 3/4 days of the week. To some this seems excess but I can’t stand having dirty hair. Washing 3/4 times in the week make it every second day or so. Depending on its length & if I’ve just dyed it or not I often do hair masks once if not twice a week. I love the Hask range, they are available in my local Primark/Penneys for as little as €2 which is great value & makes such a difference to my hair. My favourites include the the ‘Charcoal & Citrus‘ range. Or sometimes I treat myself to a Lush Hair Treatemnt, ‘Damaged’ is brilliant for my hair & goes to treatments. My favourite time to do a hair mask has to be during a bath, I rinse my hair well, then soak it in product & leave for 20/30 minutes, depending on how bad I feel my hair to be.

In terms of shampoo & conditioner I have to change it up, I can’t use the same one for to long so every second week or so I swap my products. I use a combination of three brands – OXG: Argan Oil of Morocco & Coconut Milk – Lush Cosmetics: Daddy-o, Big & Jungle. I use a combination of liquid & solid products. Cocoa Brown: Kind shampoo & conditioner. Obviously I use shampoo first, then conditioner on the ends, I leave it on for 3/5 minutes & comb it through, wash it off well with warm water.

After my bath/shower I lightly towel dry,  I gently comb through my hair, using some Oxg spray through the endless to prevent split ends & excess frizzying. I try to let it dry natural as much as possible.

So there’s a quick run through of my hair-care routine, its not very long but I do use a fair amount of products, but I would highly recommend them all. I’d love to know if you have any routines? Or do you know of any hair products I might enjoy? I’d love to hear from you so feel free to comment.

*All imagines from internet sites.

As always, Thanks for reading!

RoaM -X-

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