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2016, Say Hello To 2017

I can’t believe I’m writing this post already, 2016 is almost over, yup tomorrow come midnight it will be 2017. Its been some year!

I started my blog in March of this year & posting two blog posts a week on a Monday & a Friday I’ve created 85 posts about a range of products & about a number of topics. It’s been a whirlwind & I can admit I’ve loved 90% of this whole venture. Its helped me build my confidence & if that all I ever get out of my blogging I’ll be on happy mermaid. I’ve gained some lovely friendships thanks to this venture & look forward to growing & creating more. I’ve also grown my social media – Twitter, Instagram & my Pinterest & look forward to this continued growth. I look forward to purchasing some equipment that will help improve the quality of my posts also.

2016 has thought me a lot – its thought me that friendships aren’t friendships unless its both people giving 100% & willing to give & take, its about looking after each others & not just yourself & your own worries. it’s about looking past flaws & seeing a person & if that doesn’t happen – simply get rid! It’s thought me that above all its health & family that are number in life – this year I learn’t that my dad is amazing & deals with endless pain daily & rarely complains, I learn’t that my mum is a fighter & has managed to battle the dreadful disease of cancer for a second time around & is all clear going into a new year. It’s thought me that I have the best 3 brothers a girl could ask for & I know if I never have anything else I have my siblings! I realised that sadly I only have a handful of true friends but I look at it that at least I have that handful & that handful are stars that shine when I need them most.

2016 has been a battle for me personally in that my anxiety brought some ugly months full of self doubt & self hate, but I’ve battled through & made it & know I can continue on my fight. I’ve dealt with both the physical & emotional symptoms but have persevered & I’ve learn’t new copying mechanisms. I’ve learn’t that my mind & body are a scary place at times but that I myself am a fighter & a good hearted person who will always try to look for the good & look out for others first & foremost.

2016 has come & gone & thought me a lot – But now I look forward to 2017 with a positive mind & hope it brings me new opportunities & excitement, yes 2017 I’m ready for you, lets be having you! I wish you all a lovely new year, spend it with loved ones, making happy memories to bring into the new year. Ensure you’re safe & happy & I’ll chat with you all in 2017!

As always, Thanks for reading!

RoaM -X-

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