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Personal: My Monday!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post & posted it the same day but life has caught up on me lately & I’ve I don’t have any posts scheduled! This is so not me..

Today has been a sibling day, my 3 brothers & I get to have quality time together – I’ll admit it’s been a while, I guess it’s tough when life is as busy as it is so I wanted to enjoy every second of it! – As siblings go the four of us are so alike, yet on the other hand we are like chalk & cheese. My oldest brother ‘D’ is the smallest & youngest looking, his a real firecracker, while my baby brother ‘N’ is so tall & mature for his 15 year old self, his the talker. Then there’s ‘DA’, his the relaxed child, his so chilled & brings such happiness to everyone around, full of scarcasm yet caring. I’ve said it before & know I’ll say it again but I’m beyond blessed with the 3 brothers I have, there are treasures & I’m such a lucky girl having them. (A quick run through for you I guess!)

So about our day – we had a lovely brunch out, followed by some shopping! Now I’m sat here in a quaint little tea place surrounded by chatter as my brothers & I sip on teas of all kinds! So a little about the tea place – ‘The Secret Garden‘ in Galway is the ideal spot. The relaxed environment, quirky interior, amazing treats & tea collection make it a brilliant spot. Having no wifi means it’s the place to chat, read & relax. I guess – be in the moment! With a range of over 70 teas of all kinds, as well as coffees it the best spot in my opinion. We spends hours chatting & enjoying some tea, it really was the nicest way to pass a rainy wet evening in Galway!

After tea it was back to pottering around the remaining shops, we went to ‘Charlie Byrnes Bookshop‘ it’s the quaintest book shop I’ve ever been too & I could pass hours in there. Honestly I love searching through old, as well as new books.

So there it is, a chatting run through of my relaxed sibling filled day. A little bit of a get to know as well! I’m gonna get back into my blogging routine in the coming weeks, I guess I just wanted the holiday season to last a little longer!

As always, thanks for taking the time to read! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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