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Happy Monday lovelies, I thought I might start to share a new idea with you all. I want to go ‘room by room’ with you all & share my ideas & inspiration for each room. Also like today’s post I going to share ideas for certain items within certain rooms. I can’t wait to have my own home to decorate & have the exact way I want it, but until then I have Pinterest to plan it all out. (As some may already know I’m Pinterest obsessed & have different boards full of ideas, feel free to take a look – Here)

So today’s post is all about my Vanity Table Inspo. I’ve wanted a vanity table for as long as I can remember, yanno the typical pretty vanity that I can sit & spend hours doing my makeup at. I would like a simple table with a draw or two built in, a pretty stool or chair. I’d like a large mirror with some good lighting, maybe even a ring light (You can see the general idea in the pictures below!) I’d also like some drawers, just enough to store some excess makeup & skincare. I know Ikea is very good for this sort of stuff at a reasonable price, so I think I might look there. I’m unsure of what colour scheme I’d like but I’m pushed toward white/cream with some grey & maybe choosing a copper/brassy shade for some of the smaller details.

(Photo credit: MakeupByAlaha)(Photo Credit: Mona_Lisa_Makeup) 

The little details are always important, well to me anyway! Although I don’t like to have things to be too cluttered at the sametime. I want to display my stunning collection of brushes, as well as my most used products. I’d like to display a pretty book or two, maybe my favourite perfumes, a candles & maybe if I can find a flower display & vase that I like I think it would add the perfect selection to my vanity. I have Ikea pots for my brushes & plastic clutterboxes for makeup storage of my everyday , most used stuff. – Below are a few pictures I love – I love the idea of marble & rose gold detail, plus a pretty print. The idea of using a nice candle jars is always handy, plus a tray to hold essentials all together is brilliant for me, I love having it look pretty yet tidy. I love the idea of glass terrariums as storage!

So there it is, my little inspo post full of ideas that I love & look forward to taking inspiration from when I’m lucky enough to settle & have a pretty bedroom, with a girly vanity table. I’d love if you could link me pictures or posts of your own vanities or inspiration that you enjoy, I love hearing from you so feel free to comment.

(All pictures are from*Pinterest & where possible I’ve acknowledge the person who’s picture they are.)

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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