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My Colourpop Haul I

I’ve been so excited planning, writing, editing & taking photos for this post as its once I’ve wanted to do since starting my blog back in March of 2016. Lets be honest Colourpop is a much loved & talked about brand by many, but I’ll admit I worried was this all just hype. So after almost a year of wanting to make a purchase, I took the plunge & made use of their ‘Spend  $50 & get Free International Shipping’ deal. It wasn’t even difficult to spend $50 dollars because I wanted to try so many pieces, but in the end I spent $60, it may seem like a lot but in the end I managed to get myself 12 products. There aren’t many brands you can buy 12 products from & make it less them 100 £/$ or €. So as you can see below I bought a range of products from face, brows, eyes & lips. I wanted to get an overall feel of the brand & its quality, so I’d know if I would ever purchase again & if I did what sort of products I’d purchase.

Face: I’ll admit, once I saw they released sculpting stix I knew I had to try them. Having your products for contouring & highlighting in two easy small stix, I’ll take that. And especially at just $5 each. I choose shade ‘Dove‘ for contour, described as being ‘super convenient, easy to blend contour pen will enhance and sculpt your facial features.’ The shade is a light to cool toned taupe. And shade ‘Venice‘ for highlight, is described as being again ‘super convenient, easy to blend highlighting pen will enhance and sculpt your facial features.’ The shade being a light bisque. Each shade came in clean white packaging with the colour shade at the very bottom & a small sticker with the shade name attached. I found them both super easy & blended. They suit my pale winter completion.

Next up is Brows: When its all about the brows in the makeup industry lately I had to try some of these products. Again at just $5/6 I could completely justify trying both the pencil & the pot. I choose the shade ‘Bangin Brunette’, which I felt would best suit me being a medium/ dark brunette. The pencil – allows for a super precise, natural looking brow. Its self-sharpening  & mechanical. The long wearing formula applies lovely, so comfortably without any pulling or dragging. While the pot – Its a Crème Gel formula, allowing for a precise application. It glides on smoothly, adhering to the skin, again its longwearing.

The packaging is brilliant, with the pencil being long & thin, having a brow lid for the pencil side & a clear lid for the spoolie end, I love this as it means it doesn’t get as dirty in my makeup bag, for the price I find it fantastic & will definitely be repurchasing. The shade name is written on the side in silver holographic writing. While with the pot, it comes with a white lid & small glass pot, which is easy to take on & off. I just ensure I close it tight so it doesn’t dry out. On the bottom of the pot there is a sticker with product type & name. Again I love this product & find it lovely to work with.

Eyes: I’ve been looking for a new brown liner, both pencil & gel for ages so I took advantage to make the purchases now. I choose the shade ‘Mr. Bing’ in the Creme Gel Liner, from the ‘KATHLEEN LIGHTS’ collection. A rich & warm matte brown, ideal for everyday. Like most other products is long wearing, highly pigmented & applies like a dream, so smooth & even. I highly recommend this product & when I’m creating an everyday look I always reach for it. It comes as a white pencil & lid, with the shade of brown at the bottom. This is ideal when I’ve several products in my handbag & want to grab it quickly. On the side of the packaging there is the shade name in a shiny silver, holographic writing.

The creme gel pot I choose was in shade ‘Brew-Haha‘ described as a black/brown with a match finish, it was unlike any other gel liner I own so I said I’d give it a go. This long-wearing gel is so highly pigmented. Its so smooth & applies perfectly (essential when applying as it I feel, or else it senses your fear & messes up your eye look!) I love this product so much & know I’d like to purchase a few other shades for sure. It comes in packaging similar to the brow gel pot, so a small white lid & glass pot, on the bottom includes a stick with the product type & name.

Super Shock Shadow – One of the main products I was excited about were these shadows. I choose shade ‘Central Perk‘ described as a deep & warm burgundy, with matte finish. I was so intrigued about the texture of these shadows & how they would be to work with. Again its long-wearing, but has a type of ‘elastic-like’ texture, has no fall out (I’m in love!) & the smooth textures makes application super easy.

They give the best advice for application : ‘For maximum coverage use the fingertip to tap shadow on the eyelid. A flat, fine tip synthetic brush is perfect for detailed application close to the lash line. Using a fluffy brush that has good movement, dip the tip of the brush into the shadow and apply with a “windshield wiper” movement throughout the crease of the eye. This will make your shadow appear soft and diffused like a total pro! When finished, close that sucker up tight! Don’t leave the jar opened for long periods of time, you may lose some of the magic that makes the Super Shock Shadow so amazing.’

Packaging in simple, a white little tub, with screw on lid. Product type & name on sticker below. I adore this shade, application is a walk in the park & I know 1000% I’m purchasing more shades!

And finally Lips: Firstly I’ll start with the Ultra Matte Lip I purchased. I choose shade ‘Perky‘ I saw this shade on many social media sites & loved it, plus it matched one of the lippie pencil I was purchasing so it was a win win really. Described as a muted rose, with a matte finish, from any swatches I’d seen I loved it. The formulation is amazing, thin & super lightweight, yet full coverage, highly pigmented, log-wearing & that matte finish, they do say kiss proof! I love this product, all I recommend is that you use a nice lipbalm before, add a primer even & once removing do a sugar scrub on your lips & apply a generous amount of lip balm, re-hydrate those puckers. I love the formulation & hope to make a purchase or two of other shades. The packaging is tube like, with a matte black lid, screw it off to find application brush which is good quality & allows for percussion application. Product name is on a sticker on bottom of the tube.

Ultra Satin Lip & matching Lippie Pencil: I choose shade ‘Dopey’. A nude, muted pink, this shade  is so wearable. This formula is stunning, super comfy to wear as its lightweight, applies easily & wears well, although touch ups are needed after food & drinks. I find this a great everyday shade, that works with so many looks. The packaging is similar to the other liquid lip products, a plastic tube, this time with silver lid, screw open to see applicator, that again makes application super precise & easy. The shade name is on sticker on bottom of the tube. With the lippie pencil its again like all the other, a white pencil & lid with shade on bottom & shade name written on side in sliver holographic writing. I love this combo & there formulations & already know a few shades I’d like to try out.

Lippie Stix & matching Lippie Pencil: I choose shade ,Tootsi’. A stunning pinky, yet greige nude. Both the pencil & stix match so well, both super long wearing (I’ve put it to the test on several brunches) & there was only the useless wear around the centre of the lips, which only takes a slight touch up. So pigmented, full coverage, applies beautiful & smells divine. I can’t recommend these two products more, I’m totally in love. I might even admit that this is my favourite affordable lip combo to date! The lippie stix comes in similar packaging to the sculpting stix, so white with lid, colour coded at end with sticker of shade name. The lippie pencil then similar to the eye pencil, in that white, with white lid & end with shade of the pencil, shade name then placed on side with silver holographic writing. I’ll 1000% be purchasing other shades.

So there it is, a lengthy run through of the 12 products I’ve purchased. I just wanted to tell you of the cute little ‘thank you’ note that was included, as well as the very handy ‘guide’ of each product type & tips. It’s a brilliant idea & so handy to have to hand. I loved these little touches & it’s made me really want to try the remaining types of products, such as highlighter, bronzer & blush & of course their new ‘pressed powder’ shadows.

So there it is, again sorry it was so long, if you’ve gotten this far – well done & thanks! I’d love to hear your opinions on Colourpop? Any product or shade recommendations? I love hearing from ye, so please comment or link me your blogs/posts so I can have a read!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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