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SOSU ‘Highlighter Kit’

Hope everyone is having a good January, can’t believe its almost over. I always struggle in the early months of the year, think its the rubbish weather & short days. I’m yearning for spring days now, so roll on April. A way of brightening up my January I thought I might try using a few new highlighter in my makeup routine. This meant I needed to purchase a few new ones, I’ll admit I was thinking of trying ‘Opal’ or ‘Champagne Pop’ by Becca or some from The Balm, but instead I went to a local pharmacy & found the stunning ‘SOSU Highlighter Kit’ & knew I had to try it out.

This palette contains 6 iridescent shimmers for just €29.95. I found this fantastic value with the quantity & quality of the palette. This palette is created by the Irish brand Sosu by SJ (Suzanne Jackson), a young & inspiring entrepreneur. This palette is paraben free, as well as cruelty free & vegan friendly, which is always a bonus with me.  It’s available to purchase from many pharmacies nationwide, as well as online.

So the packaging is very pretty, it’s so appealing to the eye. A stunning white light weight yet heavy duty cardboard with rose gold font stating the brand & product name, once opened, you find a large mirror & rose gold script ‘Glow Baby Glow’, then there are the 6 large circular pans containing each shimmer shade, with shade name written below.

So the shades: There are three pressed powder shades on the top row (left to right): ‘Melted Gold’, ‘Moon Sparkle’ & ‘Shooting Star’. These pressed powders are very compact & give a subtle glow. Then there are three baked powder shades on the lower row (left to right): ‘Unicorn Dust’, ‘Peach Smoothie’ & ‘Candy Crush’. Being baked they give a more metallic shimmer, so it gives a real 3D glow you your look.

Having the range of finishes & shades means you can mix up your looks from day to night, as well as mixing shades together. Another tip Suzanne shares is to use some of the shades as a blush or an eye-shadow also, I love these idea!

I’ve tried out every shade, I’ve even mixed some shades & I love them all. ‘Unicorn Dust’ is my favourite but ‘Shooting Star’ & ‘Candy Crush’ are close contenders. I like to use a little setting spray on my brush, take a little swipe across the pan & then place it on the areas I like to highlight. (Brow bones, cupids bow, tip of nose & highs of my check bones!) I’ll admit I was never the biggest highlight fan, not that I didn’t like highlight more I couldn’t find one I love. Having picked up this palette I’ve fallen in love & add highlighter to every look, even if just a little! I highly recommend this palette to anyone, especially highlighter fan, having the range of finishes & shades, you’ll love it!

So there it is, a quick run through of one of my favourite products I’ve found since falling in love with makeup. I’ve my eye on a few highlights as I mentioned at the start, I’d love you to leave me your recommendations, even link me your posts in relation to them, I’d love the read! So please feel free to comment.

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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