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‘Fidget Cube’ 

I thought I’d share a quick run through of a very handy little product. The ‘fidget cube’ has been brought brought to the market as an object that helps & allows people to better focus. Objects to help with better focus & attention have been around a while, but I have to admit I don’t think there has ever been one such object as small, neat & tidy having so many components as this fidgeting cube.

This small, light weight & very durable cube contains 6 separate sides – obviously, with it being a cube! Each side contains a different ‘to-do’ component. It allows you to use one or more sides of the cube to help you focus – so ideal for people who suffer with anxiety, short attention spams & others who generally might just fidget a lot & want help in focusing & remaining calm.

So a little about each of the sides – spin, roll, breathe, glide, flip and click.

First up ‘Click‘ – a dice like component, it has 3 buttons that push, clicking audibly & 2 that push silently. I love that it has ones that are silent clickers, although the loud ones are very satisfy to push.

Spin‘ – simply put a rotating dial. I find this brilliant as its silent, but also I like to spin it in combinations so sometimes I go 2 forward & then spin the opposite for another 2 & then change it about.

Glide‘ – This component is a joystick that coasts across the surface. I’m one for messing with the joystick on the xbox/playstation controller so I love this component, its very relaxing & again doesn’t make noise.

Roll‘ – this component contains a  trio of tactical gears, as well as a clickable ball and socket. It’s good I just wish the trio of gears had more resistance, that they would catch a little, almost like an analogue.

Switch‘ – A classic toggler/switch component, pretty self-explanatory. I really like this moment & find it relaxes me quickly.

Breathe‘ – this smooth indent is the same principal as a worry stone, used to rub, aiding with anxiety relief. I’ll admit I do like this component, but I wish it has some grooves on it, I just prefer a bit more of a texture.

I’ll admit I can’t choose a favourite component, I like them all at different times for different reasons. I find it brilliant in stressful & anxious times & know that my friends find it brilliant also.

Having it so small – its pocket friendly, available in a range of colours – so it can be discrete & hardly seen, its ideal for anyone who needs help with focusing or calming down in different situations.

So there it is, a quick run through of the very handy ‘Fidget Cube’. I highly recommend others to purchase if this sounds like your sort of thing, I know there are many types on the market now & can be purchased easy enough! So have you used one yourself? Please feel free to comment, Love hearing from you!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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