Read It: Capture Your Style

I love a good book, I find very little more satisfying then sitting down with a good book & a cuppa! If you know me or seen anything else I’ve written about books you’ll know I don’t just read, I study them – I write, highlight, underline all the info I love. I’ve always done this & it’s something I love, but I’ll admit it does make sharing books difficult as no body wants to see my scribbles.

So a little about the book –  ‘Capture Your Style’ written by the incredible Aimee Song. Aimee shares her tips & tricks about growing your Instagram, share how beautiful life is & how to take incredible photos.

In each chapter Aimee shares different information, she shows how to show the real you through your photos & how to edit it – while still keeping it look real. I love that Aimee pushes showing yourself & telling your life story! In relation to blogging the tips & tricks throughout the book are incredible, in chapter 4 alone Aimee shares the meaning of hashtags & geotag, how to tag properly, then in the following chapter she shares tips on working with brands, doing takeover & pricing.

From the pictures you can see it’s an easy read, with clear & understandable points.

I highly recommend the book, it’s an incredible read. I definitely recommend it to others, especially those with an interest in photography, social media & blogging. I purchased mine in my local Dubary Books for €17 & know it can be purchased from other well know books stores as well as online.

So there it is, a quick run through of ‘Capture Your Style’ as I said I highly recommend it, plus it’s very pretty & looks well on a coffee table. So has anyone read it? And is there any other books you could recommend to me about  photography, social media & blogging? Always excited to hear others recommendations, so feel free to comment!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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