Tarte Cosmetics, ‘Wink Wardrobe’ 

I’ve been wanting to try some Tarte products for ages, so when I saw that both the ‘Wink wardrobe’ & ‘Pro’ palette were in stock I had to place an order! (Keep your eyes peeled, my palette review will be up in a week or two!)
So the Wink Wardrobe.. I just love the name! Essentially all it is, is a case that holds fake eyelashes. But this is more, this case is luxury – it’s a stunning gold case with black font. Inside is lined with satin pink fabric, like seriously so pretty & such good quality! Then there are the two plastics trays (very strong plastic, so durability will be no problem) indented to hold up to 18 pairs of lashes, yes 18 pairs!

One of the biggest features that drew me to this products was the small box that fits perfectly in the plastic lying alongside the lashes. Within the small rectangular box you’ll find a medium sized mirror on the flap lid, as well as two lash adhesives (clear & black) some small scissors (to cut your lashes to size) & my favourite lash application tweezers.

Seriously though the lash application tweezers are amazing & so helpful. I’m only new to lashes & still need plenty of practice but I swear by these already!

So there it is, a quick run through of the Wink wardrobe from Tarte. I highly recommend, especially if you’re into lashes. Cause honestly it’s the prettiest little display case on any vanity in my opinion! So I’d love to hear from you, have you tried any other products from Tarte you’d recommend? Has anyone used their lashes? Feel free to comment, I’d love to hear from you!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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2 thoughts on “Tarte Cosmetics, ‘Wink Wardrobe’ 

  1. Gem says:

    I’m still yet to try Tarte but its on my wish list for this year, I keep watching QVC when they are featured so I should order when I can haha.

    This is a great idea for lash storage, I’m completely new to lashes as well so I can see why the mini kit has become a fav of yours, the tweezers look like they will help a lot.

    I can’t wait to read your other review hun.

    Gem | gemsupnorth.co.uk x

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    1. • Retrospect of a Mermaid • says:

      Tarte was always high on my list to try, so I saw this winkwardrobe I had to have it! Purely because it’s so pretty & I love storage! But I have to admit, Tarte deserve all the hype they great! Such great quality! I’m in need of so much practice with lashes 🙈 I highly recommend the tweezers!

      Thanks for reading lovely! 💜


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