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Read It: Me & My Mate Jeffrey

Can’t believe its already time to write ‘Read It‘ for the month of March. This month I thought I’d share a book that really helped me.

‘Me & My Mate Jeffrey’ – written by the incredibly talented Niall Breslin (Bressie) know for his rugby & music talents. Through this book Niall speaks of his journey through life with anxiety & depression. What I enjoy most is his honesty, nothing is sugar coated. ‘Jeffrey’ the name he choose for his crippling mental health struggles, naming it really hit home to me. Throughout the book he tells of his growing struggles throughout his life, telling the honest truth, but reminding the reader that with help things can improve. Knowing how it feels to feel alone & unsure how to ask for help, Niall shares his experiences. Its an eye opening book that helps anyone better understand the journey through life with mental health issues.

Points throughout this entire book are highlighted & underlined throughout my entire copy of this book – some of feelings I’ve experienced, others points on ways to better improve your quality of life although you may be struggling.

Some of my favourite quotes:

Isolation can be devastating. The solace you receive when you realise you are not alone is powerful.’ ‘I have become very aware of the negative effects of toxic environments on mental health..’ – Amen! ‘Self-compassion, a key component of positive psychology..

I’d encourage everyone to read this book, even if you don’t experience feeling of anxiety or depression, its an enlightening book as I’m sure you know someone who struggles. If you’ve read the book I’d love to know your opinions? Have you any recommends of similar reads? I love hearing from you, so feel free to comment.

(Mine was a gift from a kind friend who knew I wanted to read it for a while, but I know it can be purchase from many bookstores, as well as online.)

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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